The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 21 Review: Requiem for a Dream

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Let's just call The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 21 what it was: Bonnie the Vampire Slayer.

I mean, she even put on a cheerleading uniform and went back to high school, y'all! Granted it was in her dreams, but still. It happened.

And it was good-ish.

When Damon gave his on-the-verge-of-dying speech to Bonnie about all the many incarnations she's had over the years, I couldn't help but think "Damn. This girl has done it ALL!"

She's been a witch. She's been dead. She's been a ghost. She's been an anchor. She's been a friend. She's been a girlfriend. 

And now she's a huntress hell bent on killing her nearest and dearest and anyone else who happens to get in her way. 

Sigh. What a life, right?

I mean, no other character on The Vampire Diaries ever gets used in quite the same way. Sure, they'll be human and then be turned into a vampire or die or be a ghost or a witch-turned-vampire-turned-super-dead. But Bonnie?

Bonnie gets to play it all, and right now we're seeing her transition into a dark place where she gets to confront all the horrible, terrible things she's had to experience as a result of her peers.

Does it sound like I'm enjoying this? Because part of me enjoys this.

Yes, I lamented last week that no one gets to stay happy in this universe, and that's true. (See The Originals Season 3 and Cami's goodbye. OMG.) Literally no one gets to be happy.

But there's always something special about Bonnie coming into her own power and fighting for herself instead of for other people, and that's a real treat to watch. 

Do I think Bonnie will really kill any of her friends? No. I don't. Maybe Enzo. There's a chance he could be a goner and that killing him would be what snaps her out of huntress mode. Caroline? Damon? Stefan? Matt? Nah. Totally safe.

I'm still not convinced that even when she had Damon pinned against her memorial she would've gone through will staking him. Even if she recognized the truth in the words he spoke to her on the porch, that she's the reason he doesn't have Elena, he wishes he hadn't saved her in Amsterdam, there's still too deep a connection there for Bonnie to go through with killing him.

I just don't think it would have happened. 

Then again, she did rip his heart out in her dream, so maybe she was really on the verge of killing her former best friend before her other former best friend shot her with tranquilizers. 

The other major development from tonight is that Caroline and Stefan are now globetrotting to run from Bonnie the Vampire Slayer. Stefan's taken on the role of Valerie, sad, lovesick savior who will drag Caroline to the ends of the earth and beyond while she pines away for the life she left behind in Texas.

Not for Alaric, necessarily, but for her life. 

All Caroline Forbes has ever wanted since becoming a vampire is a normal life where she isn't a teenager. She had that with Alaric and his girls and now she doesn't. Now she might never have that again. 

That's a devastating blow for a girl like Caroline and Stefan is going to have to wait his turn. Again. 

He promised her once that he would wait for her. What's a little while longer? Hi. They literally have eternity.

Or until Bonnie catches up to them. You know. Whichever comes first.

And then there's that whole "Armory Evil" to discuss. 

Damon and Enzo's plan to save Bonnie, thereby saving Caroline and themselves and all vampires anywhere, is to unleash whatever's inside the Armory so they can get to the last immortal body used to turn Rayna Cruz into a hunter. All because a shaman says getting that body might allow them to sever a curse and save their friend.

It seems that at some point our merry band of heroes would have learned NOT to trust shamans and witches and ancestors and basically anyone other than each other, but hey. Hope is a hard beast to kill.

Here's hoping our favorites all survive the end of season 7.

What did you think of "Requiem for a Dream"? Will Bonnie kill any of her friends or will they manage to save her first? How long before Stefan and Caroline are a couple again? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget you can watch The Vampire Diaries online!

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 22 airs next Friday night at 8 on the CW.

Requiem for a Dream Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number because I dialed 'H' for 'Hero.'

Damon [to Stefan]

I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me. And I would rather have these memories than a future where I destroy them.

Bonnie [to Enzo]