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In a flashback we learn that Rayna Cruz is one of a long line of vampire hunters, not unlike Jeremy. Her father was a member of the Brotherhood of the Five. In the present day, Enzo plans to sedate Rayna but she breaks out of her cell before he can. 

Damon, fresh of a night of sleeping with another vampire, hears the sounds of someone coming in the door and ushers his companion out. Bonnie comes in needing a friend. She fills Damon in on her run-in with Enzo and then discovers he’s had a girl over.

Stefan finds Caroline nearly completely desiccated. Doctors rush her into surgery.

Damon gets a call from Enzo who’s trying to find Bonnie who wants Rayna’s sword. Enzo blackmails Damon into helping him get the sword by threatening to tell Bonnie about what Damon did to Elena.

The doctors begin Caroline’s delivery before Alaric can get home. When they make the incision, the babies fight back and won’t let them perform the surgery. They don’t want to be born.

In 1875, Rayna’s father fought Julian. Rayna arrives and stops Julian from killing her father, but Julian compels Rayna to kill her father instead. Just before dying, he tells Rayna to carry on his legacy.

Bonnie demands to know why Damon needs the sword and Damon refuses to tell her. Caroline wakes up after her attempted surgery and learns that Stefan and Valerie have a plan to get the babies to come out, but it will require the help of the other Heretics. 

Damon and Bonnie find Enzo at Whitmore. He’s tied up, courtesy of Rayna Cruz, and they are forced to return the hunter’s sword. Enzo introduces them and Damon snarks. Rayna shoots Bonnie to show Damon she means business so he throws the sword out the window to send Rayna after it.

Through a Native American ritual, Rayna was imbued with magic which protects her from death for seven lifetimes. The shaman also endows her sword with special powers which she can use to guide her to the souls she needs to trap within the stone. In 1903, she finds Julian and that’s how Beau becomes mute.

While Stefan talks to Alaric, who is still not back to Mystic Falls, the Heretics channel magic in hopes that the babies will decide to come out. In the middle of their chanting, Beau begins to bleed from his scar, alerting them all that the Huntress has returned.

Damon heals Bonnie and she gets a call from Nora. Bonnie learns that Rayna Cruz is on the way to find them and that Caroline is having the babies. Nora, Beau, and Mary Louise decide to leave in order to get away from Rayna, but Valerie chooses to stay in order to help give the babies a chance at life. Damon calls Stefan and Stefan tells him not to bother trying to help.

While Nora, Julian, and Beau attempted to flee the country, Rayna caught up to them and stole Julian’s soul. They stole her sword. 

As Beau, Nora, and Mary Louise try to escape Whitmore, Rayna stabs Beau and burns his body before heading inside the hospital to find more vampires.

Valerie works to save Caroline and the babies and Stefan takes the opportunity to go inside Caroline’s mind. She recognizes that what she’s imagining is not real, but he tries to create peace for her and keep her company since they can’t control what’s happening on the outside.

Damon and Bonnie show up to the hospital and Bonnie can feel Rayna’s presence. Rayna can also sense Damon’s. Bonnie enters the OR and tells Valerie that Beau didn’t make it. Bonnie’s magic doesn’t work on Rayna, so she sends Stefan to help his brother. 

Alaric arrives just in time for the babies to be born and Stefan leaves Caroline’s side to help Damon fight the huntress. Stefan arrives just before Rayna manages to stab Damon and takes the blade himself. Stefan reimagines every moment he’s had with Caroline and then tells Damon he has to go.

Bonnie and Valerie work together to channel magic while Alaric waits for the birth of his daughters. 

Enzo is still tied up in vervain ropes and Damon threatens to kill him. When Damon flips a coin to decide whether or not Enzo lives or dies, Enzo blurts out that Elena is still alive. Tyler used a decoy coffin knowing there was a possibility Damon wouldn’t be in his right mind. 

Bonnie comforts Caroline after she wakes up from surgery and Caroline learns that Stefan was stabbed with the Phoenix Sword and has gone on the run. Damon calls Stefan to tell him that Elena is still alive. He vows to save Stefan from the huntress. 

Alaric brings the babies to visit Caroline. 

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Damon: Go ahead. Let it all out, Bonnie. I’m a vile cheater. I couldn’t even wait a year.
Bonnie: Are you kidding me? The last thing anyone wants to deal with for the next six decades is a cranky, bitter, sexless Damon Salvatore, okay?

I need a drink. And a buddy. And right now you are my only buddy available to drink. I’m overlooking the fact that you nearly killed me the last time we hung out.