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We start with the flash forward of Kate's second wedding. After kicking Kevin out of the room, Madison says that he's an idiot. Beth thinks Kate is a beautiful bride and today will be perfect. Kate expects lots of problems but doesn't care. She gets a call from Toby. He congratulates her on her marriage and says he gets now what she was trying to tell him the day they divorced and he's sorry it took him so long.

Back in the present, Toby tells Kate that he's going to take the job in LA and agrees to couples counseling as well. He wants to do whatever it takes to save their marriage. However, things soon go off track again. Toby dislikes being in a small office while Kate is excited about her new job, and after Kate is late to couples' counseling again, Toby complains that she doesn't make it a priority. They have an argument in front of the therapist and then Toby decides to give up and stomps away angry before the session has even gotten started.

In the future, at Kate's engagement party, Kevin turns up with some girl from a State Farm commercial that Kate says is not to be in the family photos. Madison and Elijah are married, but Kevin says he's fine even though he's looking longingly at Madison.

Rebecca and Miguel come. Rebecca congratulates them but has trouble remembering Philip's name. Randall has to end a phone call about his Senate campaign. He is doing well fundraising for it. Kate is called up to the stage where she says this is the song that changed everything and makes Philip get up to do "I Get Knocked Down" with her.

At Haley's 2nd birthday party, Toby seems unhappy. Kevin is there with a girl from a condom commercial who physically resembles Madison. Kevin asks how work is. Toby makes a crack about how Kate's job doesn't pay enough. Kate runs off, upset, and Kevin goes to check on her. She wonders through her tears how she will know when it's time to end this marriage. Kevin says if it comes to that, she will know and she and the kids will be fine.

In the future, Philip is playing Go Fish with a dark-haired Jack who appears to be about eight years old. He is dsitracted during his turn looking at the ring. Kate calls them to dinner, where Philip teases her about teaching Maneater to a bunch of kindergarteners. Kate goes into the kitchen to get dessert. When she comes back out, Philip is down on one knee. He proposes to her and the kids have signs saying SAY YES MOM. She says yes.

At another counseling session, Toby says they've been coming here for 16 months -- how much longer do they have to keep going? Kate says until they're marriage is fixed. Their marriage counselor suggests they have dinner together, just the two of them.

At home, Toby makes dinner for Kate after the kids have gone to bed. It starts off well enough, with them mocking the marriage counselor and laughing, but quickly spirals into an argument because Kate makes a suggestion about how to put Haley to bed without drama. Toby ends up exploding that he's sorry he isn't her father. Jack calls for help from the bathroom. He dropped his toy in the toilet and says that means they have to stop yelling and get it out.

Afterward, Toby apologizes. He never wanted to be like his parents and fight like that in front of the kids. Kate says to him that it's time to end the marriage.

In the future, Toby meets Philip at a bar. They agree to forego small talk. Toby wants to talk to Philip about how to act around the kids. He wishes things could have worked out between him and Kate but instead she's with Philip now. Anyway, he doesn't want Philip to yell at the kids or in front of them. Philip agrees. Toby explains American football to him so that Philip can fit in with the Pearsons.

In the present, Toby packs his stuff while Kate is with the kids and moves into a small, depressing apartment. Later, they see a divorce mediator together who says their divorce doesn't have to be ugly and they can work out a co-parenting arrangement. In the elevator, they hear I Will Always Love You and they start laughing.

On Philip and Kate's first date, Philip becomes uncomfortable when the Mariachi band starts playing. Kate reaches for his hand, then runs away. He follows her She says that she was married to a wonderful man but they swallowed their feelings and it destroyed their marriage so she can't go through that again. What is Philip doing with her? He is a serial womanizer who usually dates toothpick sized women. Philip tells her she makes him happy. He was married before too, to a blind woman, and they were happy until they tried to have a baby. When he refused a fourth round of IVF she siad he was giving up on their life together but he said it was unrecognizable anyway. She left without saying goodbye and five minutes later was hit and killed by a drunk driver. He's trying to be happy again now.

In the present, the mediator asks if they have come to a co-parenting arrangement. Kate says they have agreed that Toby will move out and she will stay in the house with the kids.

Toby goes to drop the kids off after a long day. Jack wakes up and says they are both here. Toby pulls a Kevin and asks Kate for another chance but she says that she thinks they are getting along better because they are separated. She doesn't want to go back to the marriage counselor. She thinks this will be better for everyone in the long run. Toby tries to kiss her but she tells him no. He leaves heartbroken.

Philip meets Kate in Koreatown after signing the divorce papers. He thought she could use a friend. They go to sing karaoke together.

The mediator meets with Kate and Toby. They sign all the papers. Toby hesitates before signing his. Afterward, Kate tells him this is not how their story ends. In a nice montage, we see that Toby continues to be part of the family, taking the kids to Miguel and Rebecca's for Haley's birthday party with her cousin and even playing football with Philip and setting up his place to make it easier for Jack. Toby meets another woman at a coffee shop and introduces her to Philip and Kate, and many years later the four of them all go to a bar to see a grown-up Jack play.

Back to the Kate and Toby scene. Kate tells Toby they were meant to be together and now they are meant to be apart and someday he will see that. He promises her he will never see it.

As Kate prepares to marry Philip now, we have a replay of Toby saying he finally sees it.

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Beth: You are a beautiful bride and this is going to be a perfect day.
Kate: No, it isn't. A million things are going to go wrong, but it's okay.
Beth: Kate Pearson. You're the most Zen bride I've ever seen. Have you been hitting the CBD pen I've got in my drawer?

Toby: I know that you're getting married in a few hours. Congratulations. I just wanted to say... Kate, you know what you said to me when you signed our divorce papers?
Kate: I remember.
Toby: I wanted to say, I see it now. I'm sorry that it took me so long. If only I had a crystal ball to see where this was going to end up.
Kate: Yeah. Life would be so much easier if we could live it backwards.