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Rosemary greets May, who is reading the latest posting of the paper. Rosemary says they'll be getting more and more editions. May's eyes are drawn to the news that the hit and run driver is still on the loose.

Henry and Lucas catch up in the street. Henry thinks if Elizabeth based Mr. Gaines on him, then he falls far short of the character.

Henry has decided to stay with the company should the company accept the offer.

Rosemary calls Florence to see if Robert might be able to look after Jack as Laura is sick. It seems that everyone is getting sick.

When Lucas hears Elizabeth needs someone to watch Jack, Lucas heads over. He wants the job.

Jack is so cute. Elizabeth says no ice cream, and both Lucas and Jack are taken aback. Then Lucas plays safari with Jack.

May visits Nathan. She has never seen the inside of a jail before. She's hoping to work with Newton before opening the pharmacy. She wants to teach both Nathan and Newton, hitting two birds with one stone.

Rosemary wants Lee to write another article on the new mayor, but he wants something different. She says it's important news. And he wants to know if she really thinks he would have made a good mayor.

Molly visits Bill to design his office, but she wants to understand what he's doing, too.

Joseph says that working for Lee isn't a lot of fun. He's doing more than he expected since Lee started working at the paper. He and Millie are both interested in buying into their respective businesses.

Lucas is dragging Jack around in a wagon.

Netwon is doing very well in his recovery. Nathan is thrilled with the progress and how May has been able to help them both.

Elizabeth and the kids are outside the schoolhouse when Lucas and Jack stroll by. The kids wonder if they're going to get married. Moments later, Mr. Landis drops by to deliver bad news. Elizabeth's certificate to teach Angela won't be accepted.

Lee interviews Mike. He asks what being the mayor means to him, and Mike's response is to reiterate the three candidate's platforms.

Cooper talks to Elizabeth. He doesn't like Mr. Landis.

Lucas takes Jack to see Faith because he's a little fussy. He thinks it's the teeth. Lucas seems to be floundering, unsure how to care for Jack or what do do with him. Faith tells him to relax because he's doing a wonderful job with little Jack.

Walden is leaving town and going to Brookside.

Lee is aghast that Michael has no plans for Hope Valley.

Nathan invites May to dinner.

Elizabeth doubles down on it being her school under her authority. When he gets his hat, it's been glued to the desk. He is not pleased.

Elizabeth thinks Cooper glued the hat down, but she has no proof. She's just upset at the whole unfortunate situation.

Rosemary reports on Lucas, who she believes will be a wonderful father. Elizabeth agrees but asks Rosemary not to rush her down the aisle. Rosemary giggles, humming the wedding march.

May needs Bill's help. She hires him as an attorney. She's a fugitive of sorts from her husband. Bill is like, what??

Elizabeth returns home to hear Lucas reading to Jack. She slips off her shoes so she can sneak up and watch them together. Lucas was reading him Robin Hood. Lucas and Jack call each other buddy. Lucas heads to the saloon to get dinner for Elizabeth but he's interrupted by Walden.

Rosemary worries that Lucas is getting involved with Walden.

May takes a balm for Nathan's shoulder.

Lucas falls asleep on Elizabeth's couch and stands over him to tell her she loves him. He'll be back tomorrow and thinks he'll take up child-sitting to earn some extra money. They have quite the passionate goodnight kiss.

Someone attacks Lucas, slamming him to the ground and punching him in the face.

Elizabeth is shocked to see his eye in the morning. She wants to discuss it, but he's not interested.

Lucas wants to take them both to ice cream later tonight.

Henry drops by for his blood pressure check, and Faith introduces him to May.

Elizabeth talks to the kids about the hat. She's hoping whoever is responsible will come forward. Cooper raises his hand. He says he did it, and the other kids rumble and mumble.

Later, when his parents are there, Cooper says he did it, but he's not sorry that he did. At least he did something. He doesn't like how Mr. Landis treats Angela or Elizabeth. And he'd do it again.

Cooper launches himself into Elizabeth's arms, apologizing tearfully.

Walden was running a scam in Brookside, but they couldn't hold him. When Walden and Spurlock return to town, Bill intends to arrest Walden. Lucas needs to find out what's going on. Walden lost his gun, which Bill wanted to investigate. Lucas approaches with a warning. If they go anywhere near Ms. Thornton and her son, they'll regret it.

Lucas has installed a phone in Elizabeth's house. She's not pleased.

When she says she doesn't want it, Lucas says he'd be pleased to take it out. He overstepped, and he's sorry. Elizabeth likes that, and Lucas says that they're having a civil argument. She wonders if they are having an argument.

Mike finds his own office, which is right next door to Bill. It's a good news-bad news scenario.

A man drives into town, and Joseph discovers damage on the car. When he tries to talk to the man, he bolts, and Joseph takes off after him.

At the Valley Voice, Ned and Florence are inventing the crossword. They call it the interconnected word puzzle. Lee wants to run it weekly.

Rosemary sprints outside as Joseph collects the bad guy and takes him to the jail.

The man who hit Nathan said he didn't do it.

Faith wonders if others thought her relationship with Carson seemed effortless. She says it took a lot of effort. She wonders if Molly is happy being single. Molly is happy with a wonderful daughter and wonderful friends. She says she and Bill are kindred spirits but will never be anything more.

The phone rings. It's Carson.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Molly: I don't think I've found my true passion yet, not like you and Elizabeth have. What do you think about forensics?
Faith: Well, I think until we get this office in shape, you should stick with interior design.

Rosemary: Your interview didn't go well?
Lee: Michael has no plan! No vision for its future.
Rosemary: He said that?
Lee: Not in so many words.
Rosemary: What did he say?
Lee: Not so many words.
Rosemary: Well, it must be daunting becoming mayor.
Lee: Sweetheart, I like Michael. I like him very much. You know that. I just don't think he's cut out for this job.
Rosemary: In your opinion.
Lee: In my opinion. I should give him another chance. Thanks for reminding me.