11 Reasons The Americans Should Win the Emmy for Best Drama

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The Primetime Emmy Award will  be televised Sunday, September 18.

There will be something new on the program this year. 

The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences finally nominated The Americans for Outstanding Drama Series, and we're here to share why it should win. 

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1. First Time Nominee

First Time Nominee
The Americans is four years into its run and is a first time nominee. For long time viewers, it's a long time coming. The Americans has always been worthy. Getting love this late in the game means the dues have been paid.

2. Increasing Quality

Increasing Quality
Not only has The Americans been on the air for four years, it has actually gotten better season by season. That is not a small achievement. The writing has become tighter, the acting better and the characters have grown progressively as the series becomes even more engaging.

3. Historical Drama

Historical Drama
The Americans has a very keen understanding of how to use its time period – the '80s – without allowing the time period to use The Americans. It was a kitschy decade, which in lesser hands could overwhelm the production. That has never once been an issue here, but instead the culture has been used very carefully to enhance and sculpt the storylines.

4. Award Winning

Award Winning
It's already won a Peabody Award, three AFI Awards and the prizes for Best Drama Series from the Critics’ Choice and Television Critics Association, so the Emmy should be following up, otherwise, they're going to start looking like they don't understand television at all.

5. A Ballot Opening

A Ballot Opening
Mad Men's departure from the Emmy race is The Americans' gain. They're both period pieces, both excellently written and acted. The Americans has an ensemble cast equal to that of Mad Men, it's also a show that requires you to be actively involved.

6. Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything
The Americans aired later in the year, which allowed for it to be on the minds of Emmy voters to get onto the ballot. Will the memories carry over to the winning votes? After the press the nominations received, we're betting on yes. They know what they've nominated.

7. A Group Win

A Group Win
If they're not ready to give the acting Emmys to nominees Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, a Best Drama win would be a win for them all. The cast is top notch and without them, the series wouldn't have the Drama nod anyway.

8. Wide Ranging Topics

Wide Ranging Topics
There doesn't seem to be a topic off limits for The Americans. The Americans has it all: teenage angst, identity, religion, deadly plague, adultry, '80s popular culture, marriages in turmoil, familial relationships and then, oh yeah, what it's like to be a Soviet spy living as an American.

9. Unpredictable

If you think Game of Thrones is the best drama on TV, then you're not watching The Americans. If you had tried to guess which character would be killed and which would be saved, you would have been wrong. There is no predictability as there was with Jon Snow and Rickon. No straight lines.

10. Time to Give Back

Time to Give Back
The Americans has given us everything for four years. It's time we gave something back. It took too long for the Academy to recognize them, and it shouldn't take them as long to laud them with the win.

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