11 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Burden Of Truth

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Last year CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) premiered Burden of Truth, a new legal drama.

Those of us in the U.S. who were drawn in by the trailer got super bummed that this exciting new show would only be available to our friends north of the border. Then the CW picked it up for their summer lineup and it exceded expectations. 

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Still, Burden of Truth got very little coverage here in the good old U.S. For whatever reason, nobody was talking about it, let alone watching. And some people couldn't even remember what it was called, mistakenly calling it Burden of Proof. 

Now season two is about to air in the U.S., and we're hoping for some more viewers and some more discussion. Burden of Truth is an entertaining and original show that you should be watching. Check out our reasons why!

1. Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk
After kicking ass on Smallville as Lana Lang, and kicking more ass on Beauty and the Beast as Catherine Chandler, Kristin Kreuk has gone back to Canada to kick some legal ass as Joanna Chang (previously Joanna Hanley). Kreuk has not always had the proper chance to shine, but in Burden of Truth, she is the main protagonist. Kreuk has described her character as a fierce and flawed adult that she was very excited to play. She told Q on CBC, "The story doesn't fall into a woman who is shaping a man's life or moving him in a certain direction. She isn't a catalyst for another person's growth." Not only is Kreuk heading the show, but she is also behind the camera, making sure that Burden of Truth is a show she can be proud of.

2. Strong and Powerful Women

Strong and Powerful Women
Season one focuses on a legal case brought about by a mysterious illness affecting the teens of prairie town Millwood. Joanna Hanley, the big city lawyer who comes in to help is a force to be reckoned with, as are the girls she is helping. Molly Ross and Taylor Matheson, two afflicted girls, show extreme growth over the course of season one, as does Luna Spence, Molly's girlfriend, and Joanna's assistant. The teenage girls of Millwood have big dreams and a lot to lose, but in the face of the illness and the trial, they prove to be determined, capable, mature, and brilliant in their own ways. The bonds they create as they team together to stand up for themselves are inspiring.

3. It is what Hart of Dixie could have been

It is what Hart of Dixie could have been
Remember how Hart of Dixie was originally supposed to be a fish out of water story about a lawyer, and then the network decided they wanted a medical drama? Except it wasn't so much a medical drama as a drama with some medicine. Don't get me wrong, I loved Hart of Dixie, but when I heard what this show was about and saw it play out I couldn't help but think back to that original concept. Kreuk describes her character as "a lawyer, and that's all she is. She doesn't really know how to be a person." Sound familiar? I'm just saying, anyone who loved HoD, but felt it got a little silly as it went on might find this show refreshing in the ways it is different and the ways it is the same.

4. Smalltown Life

Smalltown Life
Millwood, where the show takes place, is no Bluebell or Stars Hollow; it is not full of crazy characters to laugh at. However, if you find smalltown dynamics intriguing, you may find Burden of Truth intriguing as well. Everybody does know everybody and the citizens of Millwood share some interesting histories with each other. Smalltown minds may be smallminded themselves, or more open than one would expect. And if you're going to The Boot for a drink, remember that it's Millwood and sometimes people get punched. Intrigued yet?

5. Smalltown Law

Smalltown Law
Burden of Truth is a legal drama. However, unlike Law and Order or For The People, Burden of Truth is not set in some big city. The story takes place in a small Canadian prairie town. That doesn't mean the lawyers don't fight to win, but the law in a small town operates a little differently. It's something that makes the show a little different from what we've seen before; when a legal case is under a microscope a lawyer can become a pariah in a very public way. Make no mistake, this is not just a lawyer changing her life and finding her roots. This dramatic series follows a case that will have you on the edge of your seat with every new twist the opposition brings.

6. Smalltown Love

Smalltown Love
While the slow-burn of Billy Crawford and Joanna Hanley is a definite reason to tune in, the OTP award for the show goes to Luna Spence and Molly Ross. These two are adorable together. Coming out in a small town is never easy, even in 2018, but these girls really rock it. Luna would go to war for Molly, both in the courtroom and among their peers. Molly, meanwhile, would never want to hold Luna back. They face real couple problems exacerbated by Molly's illness and solve them with trust and communication. The future terrifies them both, but they want to face it together.

7. Smalltown Heroes

Smalltown Heroes
Let's talk about some of the characters. William (Billy) Crawford is the smalltown lawyer who fights for his neighbor to keep his kid. He's everybody's friend, beloved by the town, but he can stir up some trouble if he has to, especially if it concerns protecting his niece Molly. Owen Beckbie is a good cop trying to fight corruption and woo single mom, Dianne Evans. Dianne, for her part, is a dedicated school guidance counselor who will do anything for her kids. These are not the heroes who wear spandex on the majority of CW shows currently running, but the unsung heroes of the real world who will fight the good fight no matter what.

8. Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics
The heart of this show is the people and how they relate to each other. Both the Hanley's and the Matheson's showcase strong father/daughter relationships that go through the wringer and will never be the same again. Meanwhile, people like Billy Crawford and Owen Beckbie are around to prove that sometimes it's the family you make that matters. Not to mention two girls who find the family that they never knew that had. Secrets always come out, but do they bring people together, or tear families apart?

9. It's Canadian!

It's Canadian!
I find it hard to believe that I'm the only Canadaphile out there. Do you know how many shows we've come to love have been filmed in Canada? How about how many great actors were born there, Kreuk included? Canada is beautiful and a show that not only films in Canada, but is set in Canada and produced by a Canadian network is beautiful and different. Television is meant to take you places you've never been. Burden of Truth can give you a real Canadian experience because it is unapologetically Canadian.

10. Nothing Small About The Talent Of This Cast

Nothing Small About The Talent Of This Cast
We've already talked about Kristin Kreuk, but what about the rest of the cast. As we have stated, Canadian actors know how to bring it. You may recognize Diane Evans portrayed by Nicola Correia-Damude who played Maryse Lightwood on the popular Freeform show Shadowhunters. Alex Carter who plays David Hanley has over one hundred credits to his name, not the least of which being Detective Vartann on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Peter Mooney who plays Billy Crawford was on Canadian medical drama Saving Hope following his role as Nick Collins on Rookie Blue. Meanwhile, relative newcomers such as Sara Thompson and Star Slade are definitely actresses to watch.

11. Season Two

Season Two
According to CW Press, here's what to expect for season two. "After fighting for the justice of five sick girls in her hometown of Millwood, corporate attorney Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) finds herself at a top law firm in Winnipeg ready to make a fresh start away from her previous firm. There, a new client draws her into the shadowy world of hackers, activists, and a political movement that won’t take any prisoners. The case leads Joanna through many twists and turns, until she eventually becomes a killer’s target. Her estranged father tries to assist her, which leads to an event that will change both their lives forever. BURDEN OF TRUTH is produced by ICF Films, Eagle Vision and Entertainment One (eOne)."

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