13 Pretty Little Reasons PLL: The Perfectionists Deserves A Second Season

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Got a secret, can you keep it? Well, Freeform sure can.

The finale of PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 has already come and gone, but Freeform has remained quiet about the show's renewal status. When they announced that PLL: The Perfectionists would be a spin-off Pretty Little Liars, many fans were excited to reenter the crazy twisted world.

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PLL: The Perfectionists may have had a slow start and was resting on it's pretty little laurels, but it wasn't long before it came into it's own. 

The new generation of characters are intriguing, our old Liars are as spunky as ever, and the mystery, while familiar in some ways, feels fresh. 

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While we anxiously await Freeform's decision, you can rewatch PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 online here at TV Fanatic and discover the top 13 reasons it deserves a second season.  

What are your reasons that you would like to see more of PLL: The Perfectionists? Hit up the comment section!

1. The Friendships Between The Perfectionists

The Friendships Between The Perfectionists
One of the most critical aspects of Pretty Little Liars was the friendships between The Liars. On Pretty Little Liars, we knew the Liars had been best friends before Alison's disappearance, a fact the writers were able to build off of. The writers had to develop the Perfectionists' friendships from scratch. Once the bonds started to emerge, the show found its stride. The Perfectionists have already come so far and overcome so much together. If we get a second season, these friendships will only continue to grow stronger, and the show will only get better for it.

2. Alison's Character Growth

Alison's Character Growth
Alison has always been a stellar character, but she felt second fiddle to the Liars. Alison came into her own during PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1. Letting her grow outside of the Liars allowed her to shed her queen bee mean girl persona and become the character she was always meant to be. Without a second season, we might not ever get to see her reach her full potential. Also, who wouldn't love to get to see if Alison becomes single-handedly responsible for the great wine drought of Beacon Heights?

3. Mona Shining

Mona Shining
Mona was the most underutilized character on Pretty Little Liars. Once the writers revealed she was A, her role instantly became one of the most exciting aspects of the show. However, the writers consistently pushed her to the background instead of embracing her and all her craziness. The writers aren't making the same mistake this time around. Mona is one of the highlights of PLL: The Perfectionists and if a second season means more witty one-liners from her, then bring it on bitches.

4. Ava's Secrets

Ava's Secrets
Out of the three Perfectionists, Ava is the most intriguing to me. It was easy to assume when the show started that Ava was a superficial character, but we quickly learned that there are many layers to her. We have only begun to peel these layers back. Nolan knew secrets about Caitlin and Dylan, but we never really learned if he knew any about Ava. It would be easy to assume if he did, that it was just that Ava had her dad's stolen money, but there could be more. It seems there is even more to Ava than meets the eye right now, but we need a Season 2 to get to it.

5. Caitlin Accepting Imperfection

Caitlin Accepting Imperfection
Caitlin is the definition of a perfectionist. The fact that she would rather fake a relationship with Nolan than have the world find out about her mom's infidelity shows the lengths that she would go to for that perfection. The closer that Caitlin became to Ava and Dylan, the more she let down her perfect exterior. Season 2 would allow her to grow even more and learn that perfection is nothing more than a pretty little lie.

6. Dylan Continuing To Improve

Dylan Continuing To Improve
Dylan was the hardest character for me to get on board with at the start of PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1. He felt cold and withdrawn. While Caitlin went along with Nolan's blackmail ultimately to protect her family, Dylan was on board for selfish reasons. I couldn't help but feel like he partially deserved it. Throughout the season though my tune changed and Dylan became a bright light of the show. If we were giving out superlatives for the season, he would be Most Improved, and I hope we get to continue this improvement during a second season.

7. The Fashion

The Fashion
If you watched Pretty Little Liars, you know that each week the Liars gave us serious fashion envy. The Perfectionists are following in their footsteps. Each week the Perfectionists bring their A game and serve us some killer looks. I, for one, need another season worth of looks for me to add to my Pinterest style board.

8. More Orchestra Covers Of Songs

More Orchestra Covers Of Songs
From the second the show began with the cello cover of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga I knew that we were going to get a killer soundtrack. The music department has not disappointed. Here's to hoping we get a Season 2 to get more covers of our favorite songs.

9. The Mentor Relationship Between Alison, Mona, and The Perfectionists

The Mentor Relationship Between Alison, Mona, and The Perfectionists
Alison and Mona went through more before they graduated high school than most people go through in their entire lives. This fact has made them the perfect people to mentor the Perfectionists. Alison and Mona have been able to learn from the mistakes they made while dealing with their villains to help the Perfectionists navigate having a personal stalker. Without Alison and Mona, the Perfectionists would probably have been in jail at this point. If the Perfectionists are going to make it through this new threat in their lives, they are going to continue to need this mentorship. With Alison and Mona facing "The Professor" right along with the Perfectionists, this bond will continue to grow stronger during a second season.

10. Learning The Identity Of The Professor

Learning The Identity Of The Professor
In the Season 1 finale, we learned the identity of Nolan's killer: A new threat that goes by the name, "The Professor." This faceless villain revealed that Alison, Mona, the Perfectionists (and the two absent guests) are part of an experiment. Phase 1 was watching them, and now they have entered Phase 2. If they don't participate, "The Professor" will turn them in for Jeremy's attempted murder. This reveal gave me serious Saw vibes and increased my anticipation for a Season 2. Without a second season, we will never learn the identity of "The Professor."

11. Finding Out More About Ray

Finding Out More About Ray
The writers introduced Ray when his name popped up on the list generated by the Beacon Guard hacker, but then he faded back into the shadows. In the finale, it seems clear that each person who was on the list is part of the experiment, which includes Ray and Taylor. If Ray is significant enough to make it to this mysterious list, there has to be more to his character. If nothing else, at least he could provide some snacks for the Perfectionists as they fight "The Professor" in Season 2.

12. Diving Deeper Into Beacon Guard

Diving Deeper Into Beacon Guard
During the pilot, we get our first and only real glance at the inner workings of Beacon Guard. Throughout the episode, we saw Mona talking to mirrors. It was easy to assume that crazy Mona was back. However, we find out that Mona wasn't having a psychotic break but instead that she was talking to the people behind the curtain. This reveal was the hook that sealed the deal that this was going to be a great show. Since then, though we haven't gotten much else. We learned that Taylor created it and we learned what it is capable of doing, but it would be great to get more behind the scenes information into what really goes on at Beacon Guard.

13. Cameos From The OG Liars

Cameos From The OG Liars
PLL: The Perfectionists may be a Pretty Little Liars spin-off, but the only original characters we have seen so far are Alison and Mona. The actresses behind the OG Liars have all expressed interest in appearing on the show. I. Marlene King has even alluded to the fact that it is in the works to make these appearances happen if the show gets renewed for a second season. While getting updates on the Liars throughout Season 1 has been great, getting to see them on our screens again would be even better.

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