15 TV Reunions That Made Our Hearts Sing

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Isn't it always so much fun when an old costar pops up on an actor's new TV show?

In honor of Bradley Whitford's guest appearance on Mom Season 4 Episode 9, we thought we would compile a list of some of our favorite TV reunions. 

We're not talking about spinoffs or remakes, but just those awesome times when an old friend stopped by for a visit, creating a fun sense of nostalgia. 

Check out our list and be sure to let us know your favorites! 


1. A Parenthood Reunion on Gilmore Girls

A Parenthood Reunion on Gilmore Girls
After Parenthood ended, Lauren Graham couldn't help but bring her castmates with her to the revival of her first successful show, Gilmore Girls. Her TV daughters interacted when Lorelai and Rory ran into Mae Whitman's character on the streets of New York. In another episode, her old Parenthood flame, Jason Ritter, and TV brother/real life flame, Peter Krause, made appearances as no-nonsense park rangers Lorelai encountered as she tried to find herself by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

2. David Schwimmer Stops By Episodes

David Schwimmer Stops By Episodes
This actually wasn't the first Friends reunion on Episodes as James Michael Tyler (Gunther) made an appearance too, but this one was definitely more memorable. The two Friends bumped into each other at a foreign dictator's party and hilariously discussed just how far the former stars were willing to go to make money. It turned out Matt sold himself short though as David was paid double!

3. Browncoats Reunite on Castle

Browncoats Reunite on Castle
Nathan Fillion had several of his old Firefly buddies drop by the set of Castle. Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, and Summer Glau all reunited with their former browncoat wearing space captain. Baldwin actually guest-starred twice as detective Ethan Slaughter. No one could ever replace Beckett as Castle's partner, but if someone had to fill in for a couple of episodes, Baldwin was a great choice.

4. Seth Green Visits How I Met Your Mother

Seth Green Visits How I Met Your Mother
Who wasn't excited about the prospect of Willow and Oz together again on How I Met Your Mother? Seth Green was hilarious as an old friend of Lily and Marshall's that falsely believed the three of them were still best friends. Daryl was pretty creepy, but we still loved every minute of this Buffy reunion.

5. Friends Again on Cougar Town

Friends Again on Cougar Town
It was fun when Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston appeared on Cougar Town, but the best reunion was when Matthew Perry visited, reuniting one of TV's all time best couples. We even sort of got to see them as a couple again, as Jules was pretending to be interested in him to get out of paying for the damage she did to his car. The flash mob proposal was awesome, but the best part? Definitely Matthew Perry calling her "Monica" instead of Jules in one scene.

6. Roseanne Comes to The Big Bang Theory

Roseanne Comes to The Big Bang Theory
Sara Gilbert's stint on The Big Bang Theory reunited Darlene with David, especially considering Leslie and Leonard dated for awhile. Leslie was such a funny character, making her rounds of the group (moving on to Howard after Leonard) and terrorizing Sheldon every chance she got. She even returned for the series' 200th episode. Of course, Laurie Metcalf also recurs as Sheldon's mother, and the series staged another big reunion when they cast Katey Sagal to play Penny's mom.

7. A Super Gleeful Reunion

A Super Gleeful Reunion
Melissa Benoist's real life husband Blake Jenner guest starred as Cat Grant's son and love interest for Kara, but the two actually met when they were working on Glee. Sadly, the two recently split up, otherwise we would definitely be lobbying for him to return for the upcoming Supergirl/Flash musical crossover!

8. The Mysteries of Will and Grace

The Mysteries of Will and Grace
It took nine years for NBC to reunite Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, but it happened! This time, McCormack wasn't the gay best friend, but instead an ex boyfriend (but hey, so was Will at one point). Even though it had been several years, their chemsitry on screen certainly hadn't changed. McCormack even said it was "like riding a very old, creaky bike."

9. Jon Hamm vs Tina Fey on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Jon Hamm vs Tina Fey on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Liz Lemon may have left the "bubble" she was in with boyfriend Drew Baird on 30 Rock, but TIna Fey and Jon Hamm squared off against each other on her new show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It was Hamm's smooth talking kidnapping reverend against Fey's incompetent prosecutor, and it was hysterical! When these two are together, you are pretty much guaranteed comedy gold.

10. Community Checks in to Dr. Ken

Community Checks in to Dr. Ken
Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and Jim Rash have all checked in to Ken Jeong's new series Dr. Ken. In this reunion, they moved from the halls of a community college to the court room. Rash played a lawyer who managed to land a big blow to Dr. Ken's ego.

11. Brothers Again on the Simpsons

Brothers Again on the Simpsons
Not only did the Simpsons reunite Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce from Frasier, they even got to play brothers again! Grammer has recurred several times over the years, so it was great fun to hear Pierce lend his voice to Sideshow Bob's estranged brother Cecil.

12. The Office Romance Moves to the Mindy Project

The Office Romance Moves to the Mindy Project
Fans of the Office spent years rooting for Ryan and Kelly, so it was no surprise when the Mindy Project executive producer B.J. Novak joined his former costar on screen as Latin Professor Jaime. Ryan would follow Kelly anywhere, even to Ohio, so we're happy to see Novak is willing to follow Kaling too!

13. A Dawson's Creek Reunion in Apt. 23

A Dawson's Creek Reunion in Apt. 23
Dawson's Creek fans have been clamoring for a reunion for years, and James Van Der Beek tried to make it happen on Don't Trust the B -- in Apt. 23. Playing a version of himself, Beek asks Busy Philipps to meet him to discuss the possibilty of a reunion. An actual Dawson's Creek reunion may not have happened, but at least we got this mini one!

14. Maura Tierney Checks in to the Good Wife

Maura Tierney Checks in to the Good Wife
On ER, Julianna Margulies and Maura Tierney worked together at Chicago's County General Hospital. However, when Tierney's character, Maddie Hayward shows up in Chicago on the Good Wife for a seven episode arc, she befriends Alicia only to later mount a campaign against Peter, leading Alicia to wonder if they were truly friends or if she was just being used.

15. A Mad Women

A Mad Women
After years playing married, estranged and then ex-husband and wife on Mad Men, Jon Hamm made a surprise cameo on The Last Man on Earth where his TV wife, January Jones, has found a home. In an odd standoff that included men in hazmat suits storming the survivors' home, Jones' character Melissa shot Hamm dead. Catharsis? We like to THINK Betty Draper would have been kinder to Don. Maybe.

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