17 Ways to Mend the Broken Arrow

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With a new EP sitting at the helm, CW's Arrow is prime for a takeover on Monday nights.

If you watch Arrow online, you know they have decades of comic mythos to pull from, a great cast to utilize, and a chance to rise from the ashes of their past mistakes. If there was ever a time for a reboot that time would be now. 

So, taking into consideration the six long seasons Arrow has been on-air, I've compiled a list of things Arrow can do to get back in the superhero groove that will hopefully lead to more TV views. 

The good news is that Arrow has been the best DCTV show before and they can do so again with just a few (or 17) tweaks to the series here and there. 

1. Bring Back Robin Hood

Bring Back Robin Hood

Villans trying to blow up Star City every May makes you a bit nostalgic for the days when Oliver simply played Robin Hood and fought for the welfare of the poor against the common enemy of the rich.

There are hundreds of story-lines that would make for interesting, new arcs.

2. Cut Down on the Masks

Cut Down on the Masks

When a hero has been in commission for a while, it's only natural he expands his team. However, there comes a point where the bunker gets a little too crowded. At this point, they're just bodies in the field.

All of these masks convolute things more than they offer solutions. To combat this, Curtis can put most of his energy into the company, Dinah Drake can become the Mayor, and Rene can become Police Commissioner.

This way, the show can better develop the Arrow world beyond the masks that fight at night.

Balance is key.

3. Siren Backstory

Siren Backstory

With a gem like Siren from a mysterious place like a different world, why would we not want to know what happened to her to make her so different from our Laurel?

It can't just be the death of a father at 13 and the loss of her Oliver at a later date. A woman is so much more than the men in her life. It would be amazing to delve into that.

There are countless intriguing stories that can stem from the secret mysterious life of a villainess.

4. Reclaim Irony and Satire

Reclaim Irony and Satire

Arrow has adopted Felicity's and every other DCTV show's punny humor and has then integrated it into every episode of the show but it doesn't fit.

It's best to leave the puns to Felicity and Curtis.

The irony and satire we see in Arrow Season 1 work perfectly with Arrow's serious tone that resembles Marvel's TV universe. And plus, it's just funnier.

5. Stop Avoiding the History Between Siren and Oliver

Stop Avoiding the History Between Siren and Oliver

It's weird to sell that Oliver's still recovering from Laurel's death and then have him devoid any emotion the very few times Siren and Oliver get put into a scene together.

Touching on their history and how it may or may not differ on their separate worlds is not competition for Oliver and Felicity when it's been deeply ingrained that the latter two love each other on E1.

It's exploring complexities in Oliver's personality and his interactions with others that Arrow sorely needs now that none of his friends or family from his prior life are left on the show.

There are certain facets of your personality that only people you've known since childhood can bring out of you.

6. Give Felicity a Story

Give Felicity a Story

If the show plans to continue to spend so much time with Felicity Smoak, we need to give her a story of her own that lasts.

In 6A, she had a plot arc, but during 6B, she was reduced to Oliver's wife and William's stepmom.

We spend a lot of this series hearing what a badass Felicity is; this means a plot surrounding her shouldn't be a hard feat to pull off, and it would engage a lot more fans.

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