19 Abandoned Characters Everyone Forgot

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Most shows are marketed uniquely. In a lot of cases, they draw us in with the storyline, but we stay for the characters. Not all of those characters stick around for long, for better or worse. It gets so bad sometimes that people completely drop the show from their watch list, never to be revisited.

But that is why we watch TV -- the excitement and the characters who serve as surrogates for our imaginations. So, when the time comes for a character to make her exit, it is more often than not because of a carefully crafted reason, and the audience is left to either mourn or rejoice, depending on their perception of the character.

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In the chaos of all the departures and entrances, some characters get lost in the shuffle, and we are left to wonder where they are or what happened to them. We have selected 19 of those characters who were dropped for one reason or the other and never returned!

1. Patty Spivot (The Flash)

Patty wasn't a terrible character by any stretch. She was being mentored by Joe West and her relationship with Barry was adorable, but the people in charge saw her as more of an obstacle on Barry's path to Iris. They decided to snatch this character from us by having her go back to school to become a CSI, but not before she tricked Barry into revealing his identity as The Flash as a giant middle finger directed at him and his friends.

2. Alex (Fear The Walking Dead)

We first met this character when she was tending to her injured friend. For those who followed the companion web series, then your introduction to the character came even earlier. An Emmy was won for her portrayal too. She was abandoned at sea by Strand and the others, and she held on to that grudge until she joined a band of pirates who helped her capture Travis. Travis and his friends escape not long after, and she has been absent ever since.

3. Fiona Larkin (Sons Of Anarchy)

SAMCRO owes a lot to Chibs, and he was a major player for the whole duration of the show, so it was inevitable we were going to meet his estranged wife, Fiona, who was as dangerous as they come. We were given snippets into her backstory and how she played a vital role in the IRA. After all these, they suddenly start to chip away at her screentime until she completely faded into the background.

4. Mark Brendanawicz (Parks And Recreation)

After Mark switched jobs at the end of the second season, it was clearly being set up to be a situation where he pops in and out of the show depending on when and where the story needed him. It didn't work out that way. Instead, there was no reference of him made for the rest of the show's time on air, he was even cut out of flashbacks.

5. Cora Hale (Teen Wolf)

Wait! Derek has a sister? Any recollection anyone might have of her is vague at best because she left almost as abruptly as she showed up. It probably had to do with the actress who played the part landing the lead role in the now-canceled reign on The CW. Still, recasting a character isn't a new thing, and it certainly would've been better than the vanishing act they pulled with the character.

6. Heath (The Walking Dead)

Alexandria's expert in supply runs, or at least that's what they made us believe. Heath and Tara rode out in search of guns and ammo but ran into trouble (shocker!). Somehow, Tara safely made it back to camp, but he didn't. It would've been easier if he had been eaten by walkers, but apparently, he's still out there. No one was bothered enough to go looking for him, and that probably hurt his feelings so much he decided not to come back and help them fight the saviors.

7. Linda Park (The Flash)

What is it with this show and the casual discarding of its female characters? Linda is an important character in the comics, though she is tied more to Wally's side of the story. Regardless, she was reappropriated for Barry by the writers only for them to do an about-face and ship her off to coast city like it was nothing. Not a peep has been heard from her since then, She probably doesn't even know Zoom has been dead for a while now.

8. Marco Fuentes (Dexter)

One half of a duo of homicidal gangstas who witnessed the death of his brother Carlos at the hands of Debra. Logically, Dexter would throw his tarps in the trunk and pay him a friendly visit, but that wasn't how it went down. Are we to believe that this guy simply upped and left to go continue his killing spree in another city? He didn't even try to avenge his brother's death. He just left.

9. Pete Ross (Smallville)

Pete was a third of the original trinity together with Clark and Chloe, but for some flimsy reason, he packed up, left Smallville and never looked back. He's never seen again until when he showed up out of nowhere in Season Seven with a new attitude and a craving for Kryptonite-laced chewing gum that temporarily gave him superpowers. He did his thing for an episode and hightailed it back to New Jersey, or somewhere with an equally depressing name, never to be heard from again.

10. Mandy Hampton (West Wing)

The White House media consultant who became less and less of a presence as the first season of the show progressed until she was no longer seen. There was no reason given. She just disappeared and that was the end of it.

11. Kira Yukimura (Teen Wolf)

Scott cared about Kira. She was part of his pack and all, but how can they simply hand her over to the skinwalkers and not bother to check up on her. She resurfaced once only to serve as a deus ex machina, and then returned to the skinwalkers. Her relationship with Scott was barely ever mentioned, it was almost like it never happened. That is terrible form, guys.

12. Maxwell Lord (Supergirl)

At least Cat Grant gets to make speeches on TV as The President's press secretary. Maxwell Lord, on the other hand, has vanished into thin air and no one seems to remember he ever existed in that universe. We could've done with an offhand comment on his whereabouts, but instead, we got a second-rate replacement in Morgan Edge which is even worse.

13. Romeo Parada (Sons Of Anarchy)

A top member of the Galindo Cartel who turned out to be undercover and working with the CIA. He became a real pain for Jax and our favorite gang members until he decided he'd had enough, and simply faded into the ether.

14. Daario Naharis (Game Of Thrones)

For a once ruthless mercenary who chopped off the heads of his superiors because he didn't agree with them, this guy has become quite loyal. He probably got entranced by Dany's silver locks, because what else can make a man make such a dramatic U-turn in life? It's always the hair. The storylines on Game of Thrones are expansive, and this might seem like a bit of a reach, but surely there is no better time to have him cross over to Westeros with his band of mercenaries. The threat of extinction at the hands of ice zombies sounds like the kind of situation that would require all hands on deck.

15. Kendra Saunders And Carter Hall (Legends Of Tomorrow)

Does anyone remember these star-crossed lovers? Their romantic melodrama irritated far more people than it was worth. As a result, they became the genesis of the policy of a revolving door of characters that has taken hold on Legends Of Tomorrow. Since the day they flew off the ship, not a single reference has been made of them, but in this case, that is probably for the best.

16. Rachel (Community)

Abed is not a lucky guy when it comes to love, evident in a couple of ladies he shared a connection who suddenly disappeared without a trace. Rachel is the more prominent of them because she was clearly being set up as an important character up until the time she vanished. They tried to make a meta-joke about it when the show was on its last legs, but that didn't cut it as they still had no reason for her disappearance.

17. Sin (Arrow)

She was friends with a lot of the main characters on the show, and she was fairly competent in her own right until she just wasn't there anymore. I mean, Barry has been messing with the timeline for a while now, so maybe she got wiped from the continuum, and no one remembers her anymore.

18. Snapper Carr (Supergirl)

Please, get this man a new name. Someone. Anyone! CatCo Magazine's Editor-in-chief who decided the immediate aftermath of the Daxamite invasion was the perfect time to go on sabbatical. At least he had the decency to make his absence official because it has remained a thing of wonder how Kara has managed to keep her job despite being absent 99% of the time. Our pick for his replacement would be Miss. Tessmacher because she's clearly the only competent employee in the building. Season Four promises to focus more on Kara's day job, so maybe all hope is not lost on his return.

19. Trinity Ashby (Sons Of Anarchy)

She was Jax's half-sister who you'd be forgiven if you forgot ever existed. The fact that she almost slept with Jax while having prior knowledge of their relationship by blood made this character a problematic one, to begin with. Thankfully, as soon as we were done with the "almost incest" storyline, she disappeared, and that was the last anyone saw of her.

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