50 TV Shows Set in the 50 Nifty United States

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Not every state hosts a plethora of TV shows – looking at you Montana – while others are practically booming with dozens of fictional worlds.

Either way, all of our favorite characters are no doubt celebrating this awesome national holiday in their respective states just like the rest of us.

Take a look and see which show corresponds to your little slice of land here in the U.S.A!

1. Alabama

Hart of Dixie - Bluebell, Alabama. Big city doctor meets small southern town? What more can you ask for?

2. Alaska

Men in Trees - Elmo, Alaska. Sophisticated, single, writer gal finds herself surrounded by burly single men in small town Alaska. Bundle up and get warm together!

3. Arizona

The Lying Game - Scottsdale, Arizona. Twins and mixups and hookups were par for the course on this ABC Family teen soap!

4. Arkansas

19 Kids and Counting - Springdale, Arkansas. This one might not be long for this world if they can't get rid of the molestation scandal surrounding their entire family.

5. California

Teen Wolf - Beacon Hills, California. Back for their fifth season, Scott, Stiles, and the rest of their pack know how to have fun in the sun (and moon) the California way.

6. Colorado

Community - Greendale, Colorado. Poking fun at community college life, this band of under-grads spend most of their time getting into hilarious trouble rather than pursuing higher education.

7. Connecticut

Gilmore Girls - Stars Hollow, Connecticut. In a tiny little town in a tiny little state, the two most beloved female characters got into too many hijinks to count. You gotta love those Gilmore Girls!

8. Delaware

The Pretender - Blue Cove, Delaware. While Jarod traveled all over the map in search of his true identity, the nefarious "Centre" is located in good old Delaware.

9. Florida

Fresh Off the Boat - Orlando, Florida. A hilarious comedy about the struggles of an Asian-American family striving to integrate into a predominantly-white community.

10. Georgia

The Walking Dead - Atlanta, Georgia. This zombie apocalypse show was set in Georgia for the first four season and has only recently branched out to other states.

11. Hawaii

Hawaii Five-0 - Honolulu, Hawaii. A bunch of hot, special division detectives have special access to solve special crimes while looking very good doing it. Oh, based on the original TV series of the same name!

12. Idaho

The Grinder - Boise, Idaho. When an actor's megahit closes down production, he figures he has enough knowledge of the law after playing a lawyer on TV he can just take the bar and join his family's law firm. And he's probably right.

13. Illinois

Chicago Fire - Chicago, Illinois. With its sister show, Chicago P.D, these smokin' hot fire fighters represent the best of American heroism!

14. Indiana

Parks and Recreation - Pawnee, Indiana. You might think tiny town debates about sinkholes and up to code playgrounds is tedious work, but the residents of Pawnee know how to entertain!

15. Iowa

Apple's Way - Appleton, Iowa. And oldie but a goodie, this 70s series highlights the best of small town American life and an escape from the big city.

16. Kansas

Jericho - Jericho, Kansas. These guys were onto the post-apocalyptic genre before it was cool! Nuclear attacks, power outages, and food shortages are no match for those sturdy Kansans.

17. Kentucky

Justified - Lexington, Kentucky. When an old fashioned lawman meets small town Kentucky, you get a lot of "justified" tough legal choices!

18. Louisiana

The Originals - New Orleans, Louisiana. Who knew that the French Quarter was actually full of werewolves and witches and Original vampires? These supernaturals are thirsty for more than just bourbon!

19. Maine

Once Upon a Time - Storybrooke, Maine. The Evil Queen cursed all her least favorite fairytale characters to the real world, and apparently, she's a fan of coastal Maine!

20. Maryland

Hannibal - Baltimore, Maryland. If you're squeamish, then stay away from this particular slice of the U.S. Hannibal tends to have a pretty gruesome menu.

21. Massachusetts

Dawson's Creek - Capeside, Massachusetts. Who knew that the teen soap to end all teen soaps was so far north? Dawon and his friends stayed close to home, even in their college years!

22. Michigan

Battle Creek - Battle Creek, Michigan. An FBI agent and small town detective might seem like and odd match, but they make damn good TV!

23. Minnesota

Fargo - Bemidji, Minnesota. Even thought the title card at the start of each episode speaks of true events, don't worry fans! No Minnesotans were harmed in the making of this TV show.

24. Mississippi

In the Heat of the Night - Sparta, Mississippi. Another oldie, this 80s procedural drama tackled quite a few progressive issues for its day!

25. Missouri

Defiance - St. Louis, Missouri. Sci-fi fans love this take on a totally transformed earth where aliens and new species run rampant!

26. Montana

Buckskin - Buckskin, Montana. Oh, Montana, your pickings are slim. Way back in the 50s, Bucksin gave us a look at the 19th century through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy.

27. Nebraska

Young Riders - Nebraska Territory. What's more American than a old-western set in the years just before the Civil War?

28. Nevada

CSI - Las Vegas, Nevada. The city of sin also has a lot of murder – go figure. That's why they need this awesome team of crime scene investigators!

29. New Hampshire

New Hampshire
Jumanji - Keene, New Hampshire. This animated adaptation of the box office hit, Jumanji was a fun and free spirited ride for everyone who ever wanted to see a deathly board game come to life!

30. New Jersey

New Jersey
Nikita - rural New Jersey. We might not know exactly where Division is located (that's kind of the point after all) but we know it's somewhere in the New Jersey farmland.

31. New Mexico

New Mexico
Breaking Bad - Albuquerque, New Mexico. Whether they're cooking up drugs or cooking up trouble, you've got to love the craziness of Brian and Jesse.

32. New York

New York
Suits - New York City, New York. These hot shot lawyers are at the top of the world in their NYC highrise. Even if only one of them has a degree...

33. North Carolina

North Carolina
One Tree Hill - Tree Hill, North Carolina. What do you mean psycho-stalkers, teen pop stars, murderous fathers, and illegitimate children aren't normal for high school? Tree Hill had it all man!

34. North Dakota

North Dakota
Blood & Oil - Williston, North Dakota. After the biggest oil discovery in American history, a young couple picks up and moves to North Dakota to get rich!

35. Ohio

Glee - Lima, Ohio. Gleeks know all too well that small town Ohio is the place to be if you want to belt out a showstopping musical number.

36. Oklahoma

Saving Grace - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A drunken and promiscuous police detective meets an angel determined to save her soul? Sounds like a winner!

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