Arrow Midseason Report Card Best Twist, Worst Relationship & More!

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With nine episodes in the can, we're taking a look at the first half of Arrow Season 5

There has been a lot of change throughout these first episodes. There's a new Team Arrow and a whole lot of new drama for the characters. 

Surprisingly, the best episode was not the 100th episode which aired as part of the Heroes vs. Aliens crossover with Supergirl, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Scroll through to find out what the highs and lows have been from the launch of Arrow's fifth season. 

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1. Best New Character

Best New Character
Out of all of the recruits, Rory already seems like he’s been part of the team for a long time. His initial decision to quit the team after learning about Felicity’s involvement in his hometown being destroyed was respectable, but it was great that he found a way to forgive her and continue fighting the crime in Star City.

2. Worst Character

Worst Character
Rene AKA WildDog. There’s being unlikeable and then there’s Rene. He has the worst attitude on television and his condescending tone almost made me quit the show altogether. Thankfully, he’s been far less annoying in recent weeks, but still, he’s annoying.

3. Best Twist

Best Twist
I know I may be getting a little ahead of myself here, but I refuse to believe Laurel’s return is a figment of Oliver’s imagination. She looked EXACTLY the way she did in the fake reality the Dominators created. Somehow, something went wrong and she’s managed to escape back into the land of the living. I don’t see how Flashpoint could have affected anything because it seemed like the characters were still very much in the know about her being dead. Can it be January yet?!

4. Worst Twist

Worst Twist
Oliver killing Malone by accident seemed a little too farfetched to take seriously. I can’t be the only one who predicted it was going to happen as soon as Oliver showed up looking for Prometheus? It was lazy writing for sure, but it did pave the way for Stephen Amell’s alter-ego to become a likeable character again. Hey, we never thought it was possible, either.

5. Best Episode

Best Episode
The midseason finale was the best episode of Arrow in years. If you thought the 100th episode was lacking on the action side of things, this episode made up for it. There was action from start to finish, and it genuinely seemed like we could be losing Curtis, but instead, Curtis was losing his man. Also, LAUREL RETURNED, but hopefully not as Black Siren.

6. MVP of the Season… So Far!

MVP of the Season… So Far!
Diggle was dealt a rough hand with a lot of changes in his life. He started the season with a target on his back, before having to go into hiding. He then had his daughter replaced with a son thanks to the immense power of messing with time. Now, things are about to get a lot worse for him since he’s totally heading for prison. We can probably thank Evelyn and Prometheus for that one.

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