Arrow Season 6: Everything We Want To See!

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The CW has been busy this week with the return of their beloved DC superheroes. Now it is finally Oliver Queen's turn as Arrow Season 6 is officially kicking off tonight!

Arrow has already revealed lots of details that will be seen in the sixth year. But there are still a few things that we want to see throughout Arrow Season 6.

With Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 set to air tonight, we have put together our wish list for what we want to see. Will any of it happen? Well they better! 

Go through the slides below and learn what we want to see in Arrow Season 6! Be aware of possible spoilers!

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1. Actual Consequences

Actual Consequences
One of the things that I have struggled with on this show is its ability to deal with stakes and consequences. Sometimes Arrow does it alright and sometimes, well, it doesn’t.

The Arrow Season 5 finale ended on the best cliffhanger of all time. I want it to have a long-lasting effect and real consequences. For heaven’s sake, Oliver’s entire team was stuck on an island that got BLOWN UP.

Given that we know who will be in the mega-crossover it seems that most of the team survived. We knew Laurel Lance a.k.a. Black Siren would survive the minute Katie Cassidy got promoted to series regular again.

Deathstroke has already been revealed in trailers to be alive too. I only expect some of the guest characters to have died in the explosion. But there still needs to be consequences for the characters that did SURVIVE.

Otherwise what was the point of ending last season like that? I would actually want the ramifications from the finale to be something they work through in the whole season.

2. A Victory For John Diggle

A Victory For John Diggle
John Diggle has always been one of my favorite characters in the whole Arrowverse. But in the last two seasons of Arrow, I feel that Diggle has just gone through one hell after another.

While I’m sure Diggle is going to be dealing with the aftermath of the finale; I want Arrow Season 6 to be a good year for Diggle. Whatever inner demons he is dealing with or darkness around him, I want to see him overcome it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that most people on Arrow go through hell constantly. But someone like Diggle has just been stuck in a loop of pain for the last two seasons. That has to end.

3. Happiness For Mister Terrific

Happiness For Mister Terrific
Romance is not always easy in the Arrowverse for our beloved heroes. While Curtis Holt gained a superhero identity, he also lost his husband who divorced him because of his double-life.

I totally get where Paul was coming from because, well, we have seen this in superhero stories before. But as a man of the LGBT community, I want to see a hero like Mister Terrific have it all. Simple as that.

4. Vigilante's Secret Identity To Make Sense

Vigilante's Secret Identity To Make Sense
Remember that crazy Vigilante that was running around in Star City in Arrow Season 5? The dude that didn’t turn out to be Adrian Chase after all?

Yeah, that guy. According to the showrunners, we’ll find out who Vigilante is this season. It has even been hinted that it’s someone we have seen before.

But just because it’s someone we know, it doesn’t mean that they can choose just anyone. Whoever is underneath that mask, I want it to make some darn sense.

I don’t want it to be some random character like Captain Pike of SCPD to have secretly been working as a vigilante. Just because of, well, some weirdly justified reasons. Whoever it is, I can’t wait to find out while praying that it makes some sense.

5. Nyssa Al Ghul's Survival

Nyssa Al Ghul's Survival
If we exclude all the series regulars and Deathstroke, there are a few people who may have actually died in the explosion. We know that the two Al Ghul sisters, Samantha Clayton and Evelyn Sharp were there.

Heck, for all we know, Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Boomerang may have not initially died from that landmine that Malcom set off. My rule is that if we don’t see a body, they ain’t 100% dead.

I’m just taking a wild guess that Mama Clayton went out with a bang since William will be with Oliver. The one character that I desperately want to have survived is Nyssa Al Ghul.

Katrina Law is someone I always want to see more of in the Arrowverse. A part of me is still cheering for a Sara/Nyssa reunion as I want that romance to be endgame.

Even though Law is busy with new projects, I would really want to know that Nyssa survived and is out there somewhere till she can guest on Arrow again. As far as Talia, Evelyn and Boomerang go? I don’t mind if they didn’t survive.

6. The Return Of Thea Queen As Speedy

The Return Of Thea Queen As Speedy
You know something that Arrow Season 5 could have used more of? Thea Queen as goddamn Speedy!

One of the problems with Arrow for many seasons now is how the team feels so male dominated. We have Felicity as Overwatch and we now have Dinah Drake as the new Black Canary.

But they are the only female heroes on the team as of right now. If there is something Arrow Season 6 needs, it is the return of Thea as Speedy. Team Arrow need to up their female presence!

I also genuinely miss seeing Green Arrow and Speedy out on the field together. By the time we get to December, I want to see Speedy action or an indication that Speedy will soon return.

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