Lucifer Cast and EPs on Extra Devilish Luci, Charlotte's Return, and TOM WELLING!

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We're only a month out from the start of all things fall television.

What can you expect from Lucifer Season 3?

Why not find out from the cast and executive producers themselves? 

They're all below straight from San Diego Comic-Con.

Enjoy and watch Lucifer online if you need to catch up with the details before the season begins.

1. Lucifer: Tom Ellis Teases Luci's Extra Devilish Side and Tension with Chloe

Tom Ellis had a lot to share about Lucifer Season 3 including how his character will be pushing back against all things Dad and his tensions with Chloe. Watch now!

2. Lucifer: Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich Tease Tom Welling's Arrival

Tom Welling is heading to Lucifer Season 3 and Executive Producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson tease what his arrival might mean for the show!

3. Lucifer: Aimee Garcia Teases Ella's Unique Qualities and Her Secret

Ella might be one of the most unique and confident characters in the television universe. The Lucifer love-bug might also have a secret we're going to discover very soon...

4. Lucifer: Rachael Harris Geeks Out Over Lucifer Meeting Superman & More

Rachael Harris admitted at SDCC she was probably revealing more than she was allowed, and she's not afraid to nerd out about her own show. Watch her do it now!

5. Lucifer: Kevin Alejandro on Dan's Season 3 Challenges with Charlotte & More

While at SDCC, Kevin Alejandro shared his thoughts on Dan's Lucifer Season 3 obstacles with the newly restored Charlotte, being a douche and more. Watch now!

6. Lucifer: Tricia Helfer Dishes on Charlotte's Return and Memory Sparks

Tricia Helfer will be back for Lucifer Season 3 but not as the same character she played before. Find out what she knows about Charlotte's return in the video!

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