Road-Tripping or Road Rage? 11 Characters We'd Want to Take the Wheel (and 5 We WOULDN'T)

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It has got to be a special person whom you would willingly trap yourself in a car with for hours at a time. Road trips can make for a special kind of hell on wheels.

The dream: Someone who shares your taste in music, can handle the car you're in as well as the traffic around you, and can navigate without exhausting their data plan when you're driving.

The nightmare: Someone who sings all the notes wrong, gets triggered by every other car on the road, and snores from the passenger seat when they aren't correcting your driving technique. Also, body odor that could stun an elephant.

Of course, since we're pulling candidates from television, we're also looking at individuals of certain skills, temperament, and luck. Many of them come armed.

1. Tripper - Red Reddington - The Blacklist

Tripper - Red Reddington - The Blacklist
Red would probably have a driver to do all the driving and upgrade the car to boot. Only drawback would be the very real danger of ending up in a shoot-out or having the car blow up.

2. Tripper - Lt. Cdr. Bortus - The Orville

Tripper - Lt. Cdr. Bortus - The Orville
Bortus would be the most reliable road buddy to have co-piloting even if he probably wouldn't have much to say. Also, since he can eat literally ANYTHING, he's never going to complain about your choice of pit-stop restaurant

3. Rager - Sydney Barrett - Legion

Rager - Sydney Barrett - Legion
Although she's super smart and would totally have your back in a pinch, extended up-close and personal time with Syd Barrett means an increased chance you'll accidentally make physical contact with her and end up switching bodies which, by all accounts, is disorienting and probably a good way to get into an accident.

4. Tripper - Mazikeen - Lucifer

Tripper - Mazikeen - Lucifer
With her insane (!) survival skills and an innate ability to intimidate the H*LL out of anyone giving her trouble, Maze would ensure that you feel safe (from threats other than her, of course) on your cross-country jaunt. You may have a few problems crossing a border if she forgets to leave her weaponry at home.

5. Tripper - Pops Johnston - black-ish

Tripper - Pops Johnston - black-ish
Pops would know ALL the places to go, people to see, and scams to be run. He may gamble the gas money away at the track but he'd probably also know how to siphon some off the SUV parked beside you. Man's got SKILLZ after all.

6. Rager - Adam Strange - Krypton

Rager - Adam Strange - Krypton
Yeah. No. Adam Strange may WANT to be a super-hero but the dude's all sorts of unreliable. He's always got an angle and his sticky fingers are bound to get you in trouble along the way. Furthermore, since he (supposedly) has limited control over that darned Zeta-Beam, he's bound to disappear to Rann or Krypton just when it's his turn to drive or pay.

7. Tripper - Daniel LaRusso - Cobra Kai

Tripper - Daniel LaRusso - Cobra Kai
Grown-up LaRusso's not only still got his sunny disposition (about most things), he REALLY knows his way around cars. Handy to have someone like that along for a long-distance drive.

8. Tripper - Cisco Ramon - The Flash

Tripper - Cisco Ramon - The Flash
Given enough warning about the road-trip, you have to believe that Cisco would have some AWESOME upgrades to make to your transportation. I personally would want him for his music and pop culture trivia alone but the vibing skill could definitely come in handy too.

9. Rager - Barbara Kean - Gotham

Rager - Barbara Kean - Gotham
Right, as if Barbara Kean would ever get caught DEAD on a road-trip but let's just (for the fun of it!) imagine what a total disaster that would be. She'd probably: drive like a maniac; blame you for getting lost when she's the one navigating; complain about the car, the weather, the music, and the scenery; and kill someone along the way. Upside: she'd probably insist on really nice hotels and be willing to pay for them herself.

10. Tripper - Phil Coulson - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tripper - Phil Coulson - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Although Phil would totally be a nice, reliable, dad-fun sort of road-trip buddy, I have to come clean and admit I'm only including him in this list because I WANT TO RIDE IN A FLYING CAR. Seriously.

11. Tripper - Job - Banshee

Tripper - Job - Banshee
Job has had a stressful life. I think a road trip would do him a world of good and knowing that he's a skilled driver (and hacker) with connections to anyone who could possibly be useful across the country, you'd imagine it would be an INTENSELY interesting trip. Just let him pick the music.

12. Rager - Raylan Givens - Justified

Rager - Raylan Givens - Justified
No offense to the good Marshall Givens but the man gets people KILLED. He's a nice guy who's always trying his best at a job he gets done (if not in the prescribed method) but even on his day off, he racks up an impressive body count. I don't know about you but I'd rather not be in the passenger seat when his bullet magnet kicks in.

13. Tripper - Tulip O'Hare - Preacher

Tripper - Tulip O'Hare - Preacher
Loyal. Practical. Fun-loving. Adaptable. Tulip's got a lot going on and a bit of the wanderlust, to boot. Yes, she's liable to shoot first and ... shoot again later, but she sticks by her friends and has come up with the rescue more than a few times. You have to admit, she never seems happier than when she's gunning the engine and peeling rubber.

14. Tripper - Mike Ross - Suits

Tripper - Mike Ross - Suits
Mike would be a completely chill road trip companion and his eidetic memory would be uber useful for directions or song lyrics. Also, it's never a bad idea to have a (sort of) lawyer along when you're crossing multiple state lines. Of course, we'd have to grab him for the trip early in Suits' first season otherwise we'll be taking Rachel along with.

15. Rager - Penny Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory

Rager - Penny Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory
Three words: CHECK. ENGINE. LIGHT.

16. Tripper - The Doctor - Doctor Who

Tripper - The Doctor - Doctor Who
The ultimate travel partner! The Doctor is the perfect companion (LOL) for any road trip. The Sonic Screwdriver (or Sunglasses) can fix anything mechanical (and non-wood) and the Gallifreyan Translation Circuit means no embarrassing language malfunctions. And yes, The Doctor CAN, in fact, drive! Number Three had no functioning T.A.R.D.I.S. so he drove to all his adventures. Look it up: it's canon.

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