STAR: 19 Songs That Would Heat Up The Music Charts

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Fox's STAR is a drama filled with catchy tunes and fun original music.

The cast members bring it every week thanks to choreographed numbers and sheer musical talent. Plus, the soapy music industry drama also keeps us hooked too.

The biggest shame, however, is that these musical acts aren't real life bands but merely characters/actors on a show!

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STAR is inspired by modern music, so it's not surprising that all of the tunes give us life and become instant classics. If the likes of Take 3, Noah Brooks, Gigi Nixon or any of the other artists had released the tunes in the real world as these groups, the charts wouldn't know what hit them.

In fact, based on STAR's catalog, there are many tracks we shouldn't be sleeping on. Below, we look at 19 songs that could've sizzled up the music charts had they been released. (Plus, these are all songs you should listen to now.)

Don't forget, you can watch STAR online via TV Fanatic to catch up on all the drama and hits.

1. You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me
This upbeat dance-worthy bop features the ladies of Take 3 letting loose in a fierce choreographed routine. A mix of pop and hip-hop, "You Don't Know Me" has the catchy hook and beat to make you want to dance. Plus, its empowering and strong lyrics would suit any "I'm over dating drama" playlist.

2. Man

Similar to "You Don't Know Me," "Man" is all about being independent, strong, and confident in your single dating status. The touch of 1950s flair blends Alex, Simone, and Star's vocals together amazingly for perfect harmonies. And, the urge to dance would show anyone that you don't need a man to be happy.

3. There For You

There For You
Raw, real, and unfiltered, "There For You" is the diss track to end all diss tracks. Star unloaded her frustrations with these savage lyrics calling out Simone's and Alex's drama. With its hip-hop/rap vibe that flows right from the start, it's no wonder this tune became a hit. If this were the real world, the tea from "There For You" alone would hit #1 on the charts.

4. Imagination

"Imagination" exudes the perfect mix of R&B and sensuality. The ladies of Take 3 killed it with this track! This is a romantic song that could rival other sexy tunes on the charts and become a mainstay for a date night playlist.

5. Waterfalls

TLC made "Waterfalls" a monster hit when it was initially released in 1995. The track has been covered multiple times by other artists, but Take 3's version offers something new. Slow, melodic, and the inclusion of the snaps make this song an absolute gem.

6. I Want You

I Want You
"I Want You" is the type of love song that feels like a grand romantic gesture. With its slow harmonies and powerful emotions, the song comes across as the embodiment of a modern rom-com. Pair this tune with any rom-com movie release and you'd have a hit on your hands.

7. I Bring Me

I Bring Me
How could we not include the main theme song for STAR? "I Bring Me" captures the fierce engaging beat you'd want in an empowering anthem. Similar to other songs on this list, the lyrics exude independence, self-love, and not settling for anything less.

8. Pull Up

Pull Up
There are two versions of "Pull Up": One with just Take 3, and the other with Noah Brooks included. But, regardless of the choice, both tracks are positively sizzling! This deep tune goes hard to make its presence known. All four artists blend effortlessly to deliver a sexy track that leaves a path of flames in its way.

9. Bad Bish

Bad Bish
"Bad Bish" carries a melodic beat that would be tough to get out of your head once you listen to it. The track has a similar influential feel to other popular songs like "Bounce" by Iggy Azalea and "Lean On" by Major Lazer, so we can only imagine this would become an instant hit too.

10. Spotlight

"Spotlight" is an addictive tune that rules with its low melodies and sensual tone. The chorus alone is a catchy verse that makes it hard to not sing it out loud. If this track had been released in the real world, radio and dance venues would have a new addition for heavy rotations.

11. Believe

Here is another song that mixes Take 3 with Noah Brooks' cool style. "Believe" showcases the sheer talent of both artists, combining Noah's smooth delivery of the lyrics and Take 3's alluring harmonies. This track feels right at home as a powerhouse on the R&B charts.

12. Bossy

Keke Palmer (who played Gigi Nixon) only performed a few songs on STAR, but her best had to be "Bossy." This catchy track pulls out all the punches with a quick beat and flawless delivery by Palmer. The tune would be fire on the charts, and if it had been accompanied by an artist like Nixon, it would be mixed with controversy too.

13. Make Me Feel

Make Me Feel
Jahil stole this song for Take 3/Big Trouble, and after a few seconds hearing it, all the reasoning made sense. "Make Me Feel" is a sexy track that harmonizes every vocal together for a mega-hit tune. Plus, with Eva's sultry Spanish verses, the song becomes a classic.

14. I Can Be

I Can Be
While this song is one of the early forgotten tunes on STAR Season 1, the show has been sitting on a gem all this time. "I Can Be" is fast-paced, campy, and poppy, to say the least. An upbeat track like this would dominate the dance charts and find a good home in any music venue.

15. My Love

My Love
If you're searching for pure emotion, look no further than "My Love." Soulful, slow, and heartbreaking, Jude Demorest (who plays Star Davis) kills it in this powerfully sad song. Breakup or longing love playlists would have a new member because this tune speaks to the inner emotion that we all feel during complicated love lives.

16. All I Want

All I Want
Here is another love song that deserves a place in your hearts. "All I Want" captures the romantic vibe of pure happiness and joy; its slow melodies and beat works perfectly together in a sweet duet. How could you not fall in love with this track?

17. Unlove You

Unlove You
Mixing old-school flair with a modern touch, the ladies of Take 3/Big Trouble transformed this classic track into a superstar number. The poppy beat and addictive chorus are just some of the reasons why this tune is a must to hear. "Unlove You" would find some success thanks to mixing several musical generations.

18. Perfecta

"Perfecta" has everything you need in a summer bop: Acoustic strums of the guitar, sensual lyrics, and a poppy beat. It's easy to fall under this love spell of heated nights and summer love. This track could head into heavy rotation during the warm months as a steamy new hit.

19. Damn Daddy

Damn Daddy
While "Damn Daddy" didn't get the attention it deserved during STAR Season 2, it's a track that you shouldn't sleep on. Like most of Take 3's other songs, sexy is the name of the game. The ladies blend their melodies together for a steamy track worthy of the hilarious name. Your romance playlist will thank us.

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