9 Characters' Odds of Survival on Station 19 Season 2

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Fans were left with a major cliffhanger at the end of Station 19 Season 1 Episode 10. Several characters were trapped in a raging skyscraper fire, and things were certainly looking grim. 

We won't have to wait much longer to find out who survives when Station 19 Season 2 Episode 1 premieres on October 4, but until then, we thought it might be fun to consider each character's odds of survival. 

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Of course, it's entirely possible no one will die, but being that this is a Shonda Rhimes show, we have to at least consider the likelihood someone will perish. Who's the most likely candidate? Check out our slideshow and then let us know if you agree! 


1. Andy - 100%

Andy - 100%
When we left off, Andy was making her way down the stairs just as the explosion went off. She was distraught over Jack's voice disappearing from the radio, but she was a few floors down and will most likely make it out. Let's face it, even Shonda isn't about to kill off Station 19's Meredith Grey. We're giving her a 100% chance of surviving.

2. Ben - 99%

Ben - 99%
Ben was facing an incredibly difficult decision when we last saw him. Will he save fellow firefighter Montgomery, or civilian Molly? Whatever he decides, Ben himself was uninjured and not in immediate danger from the fire. He was still in the building when the explosion occurred, but probably on one of the lower floors by that point. Plus, he's the connection between Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy, so he's not going anywhere.

3. Maya - 90%

Maya - 90%
Maya and Vic separated when Vic volunteered to stay back in order to give Maya and the civilians she was saving more time to escape. Chances are she made it out safely, but since we didn't actually see it happen, we can't be completely sure. Still, we believe her odds of survival are fairly high.

4. Victoria - 85%

Victoria - 85%
Vic was incredibly thankful when Maya volunteered them for the safer job, but it didn't turn out to be quite as safe as they expected. When the fire started jumping floors, she faced her fear and stayed behind after sending Maya out with the civilians. It would be a tragic coincidence if the moment she got over her fear led to her death, so we're pretty confident she'll make it out.

5. Miller - 75%

Miller - 75%
Miller was trapped in an elevator with an unconscious patient when we last saw him. He didn't appear to be in any immediate danger, but he was still trapped in a burning building on the verge of collapse with no means of escape. His own guilty conscience could impede his ability to think straight. We think he'll make it out, but it's not a sure thing.

6. Molly - 50%

Molly - 50%
Poor Molly. She took her job very seriously and made every effort to ensure everyone's safety, and how did they repay her? By trampling her in the stairwell, that's how! Ben came across her while trying to get Montgomery out, but he can only save one of them. What will he do? Molly is an expendable character, but Montgomery told Ben to save the life he can save, so we're assuming he does exactly that.

7. Jack - 40%

Jack - 40%
Jack chose to stay behind in order to try to keep the fire away from the combustible materials for as long as possible. Andy made him talk to her on the radio while she was escaping, but when the episode ended, Jack had stopped responding. Did he die in the explosion? We didn't actually see what happened when the explosion occurred, so maybe he's ok, but it certainly didn't sound promising.

8. Pruitt - 20%

Pruitt - 20%
Pruitt wasn't in the fire, but that doesn't mean he's any safer. While the rest of the station was fighting the fire, Pruitt collapsed inside the firehouse. Luckily, Ryan and Bailey both came to his aide and were last seen rushing him to the hospital. Will they get him there in time? Even if he survives surgery, he's still battling cancer. We've seen bigger miracles happen at Grey Sloane, but things are not looking good for him. We think there's a good chance Andy loses either Jack or her father, and if that's the case, we're betting on dad.

9. Montgomery - 10%

Montgomery - 10%
Things are looking pretty dire for Montgomery. He was on the verge of bleeding out when we last saw him, but Ben was doing his best to get him down to triage before that happened. Unfortunately, on the way down they came across Molly, and now Ben has a choice to make. Montgomery unselfishly told Ben to save Molly, but we don't know if he'll listen. As a surgeon, Ben has improvised in the field before, so maybe he will find a way to save them both. Still, while we hope we're wrong, we believe Montgomery has the lowest odds of survival.

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