The Flash Cast Teases Season 2, Barry's Journey, Time Travel & More

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Kisses! Romance! Time travel! Car chases!

According to various cast members of this smash hit CW series, fans can look forward to all these developments and plenty more when The Flash Season 2 kicks off in October.

Following a pretty big casting reveal at Comic-Con, we spoke with Grant Gustin and company about what's on tap for this fall, from how Caitlin's marriage will affect that character to how Barry will react to the city's adulation on the upcoming premiere.

Scroll through our exclusive interviews below:

1. Grant Gustin Teases The Flash Season 2, Barry's Journey

It's The Flash himself! What can Grant Gustin tell us about the season premiere of The Flash this fall? It's not easy being the hero, after all.

2. Tom Cavanagh Teases The Flash Season 2: Kisses! Car Chases!

Tom Cavanagh defends Dr. Wells in this exclusive interview about The Flash at Comic-Con. What does he love most about the role? Find out now!

3. Andrew Kreisberg Talks "Plan" of The Flash Season 2

How will Andrew Kreisberg and his fellow producers top The Flash Season 1? We asked him that question at Comic-Con.

4. Candice Patton Talks Team Reunion on The Flash Season 2

What role will Iris be playing on The Flash Season 2? Candice Patton gave us the scoop at Comic-Con.

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The Flash Quotes

Jesse: When I first got my power, you were so lost not having yours. I thought maybe part of the reason why you liked me was because you were attracted to the speed and not me.
Wally: [scoffs]
Jesse: I know, I know. But I saw you out there today. Being Kid Flash. You were complete, Wally. You were scary complete.
Wally: I could have all the speed in the world. I'm not complete without you.

Gypsy: It had to be today.
Cisco: Why today?
Gypsy: Because today is 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: 1-1-what?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: What is that?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day on my Earth's the day that you celebrate with the one you love! Alright?! It's one soul plus one soul equals one soul.
Cisco: That zappy.
Gypsy: Yes it's zappy, it's stupid, it's smoopy, but there is something about you that makes me want to do stupid smoopy things. And I hate the word smoopy and people who use it.
Cisco: Wow, that is the sweetest and angriest thing you have ever said to me!