Arrow: Wendy Mericle Teases Season 6 Survivors!

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Wendy Mericle shares with the press group the notion about found family.

We're hearing a lot about it on the back end of the series, but will we hear it once it airs?

The Birthday Party - Arrow

Mericle talks about changing the process of writing the show without the flashbacks and the challenges surrounding it.

She's also particularly excited about the story they get to tell for Oliver as a father.

His sustained parenthood should be a much different aspect of the man we've come to know.

An Epic Battle - Arrow

She's not willing to be tripped up on who will and won't survive the big island explosion, though.

See if you're able to glean anything useful out of her teases!

Be sure to watch Arrow online to keep the momentum going before the show returns this fall on The CW!

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