Corey Hawkins on Taking Over the 24: Legacy & Optimism in Brutal Times

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Corey Hawkin's character of Eric Carter is a little different than former hero Jack Bauer.

He has comes with a different background, and straight from civilian life, he's thrown into the fire on 24: Legacy.

Corey Hawkins 24

Carter's optimism will be tested as he's thrust into situation with which he's totally unfamiliar, and that's not at all different from Hawkins himself.

When we talked with him at New York Comic Con this past fall, he was just off of a plane after filming Kong: Skull Island.

He hadn't even had all the time he needed to sit down with Kiefer Sutherland and discuss what jumping into the 24 universe means.

As we learned from interviews with the 24: Legacy producers, as well as with Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits, Hawkins has what it takes to play the hero.

Get to know this young man better by watching our video interview below.

Prepare for the full onslaught of his charm and action-hero status to arrive on Sunday after the Super Bowl for the series premiere of 24: Legacy.

And be here for a full review of 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 1 after it airs on Fox.

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