Lucifer Season 3: FIRST LOOK!

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Lucifer has been a TV Fanatic favorite ever since it premiered last year, and we're thrilled the show will be returning for a third season. 

The cast and crew arrived at San Diego Comic-Con armed with a brand new trailer that teases the third season, and it has some crazy scenes included. 

It's All Too Much - Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18

One scene finds good old Lucifer at a crime scene and getting a little too close to the deceased -- so close that he juggles with the implants that came out of the corpse. 

 Lucifer being Lucifer turns it into an entertaining affair, but Chloe was less than impressed by all of it and scolded her partner for playing with the "fun bags."

Then there's a party that finds Chloe making fun of Lucifer, and it looks like the best party we've ever witnessed on a TV screen. 

No, Seriously!

Sad Chloe - Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18

The characters have long been the series' strong point, and the trailer certainly shows their best attributes. 

There are laughs and crazy moments in every single scene. 

The biggest scene, of course, is one that finds Lucifer exchanging a gift with Chloe. Is this a sign that they are getting closer together?

We have no idea, but it looks like something is going right between them. There is every possibility that what we got to see was a dream sequence. 

That would suck big time!

Remember you can watch Lucifer online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

As always, have a look at the full trailer and chat with us in the comments. 

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Lucifer Quotes

Chloe: I know how fans can get obsessed with their idols.
Lucifer: Yes, and with their boobs. Like after you did Hot Tub High School, Detective.

Just like Lucifer can’t create desires, I can’t create fears. I just expose what’s already there and, girl, you reek of fear.