Orphan Black: Season 5 Teases, Blooper Reel, Going Out on Top

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When you're the star of the show, the focus is on you.

That's to be expected.

When you're the star of the show, and you play all of her sestras, well, that's a whole lotta focus!

At San Diego Comic Con, the cast and crew of Orphan Black were alight to chat about the upcoming final season and why they're choosing to end it now.

Co-Creator Graeme Manson shared a little bit about what to expect for next season in light of big reveal on Rachel's doorstep at the end of Orphan Black Season 4.

“The revelation is that the founder of Neolution  is somehow still alive,” Manson said. “That is part of the big mystery for next year.”

“We all want answers,” co-creator John Fawcett noted.

“This is stepping through that last door. I don’t know if you’ll call him a bad guy, but it’ll be interesting to see what this man is all about.”

Not all series get the opportunity to choose when the make their exit. Orphan Black does.

It has always been in their game plan to finish out their stories while they were still creatively relevant.

“We had five seasons in mind,” Manson explained.

“The thing we don’t want to do is get soft around the middle. We think it’s cooler to cancel yourself than to get canceled or peter out.”

Manson continued, joking that he didn't want his star, Tatiana, to spend too much time crying, either.

Because, really, playing that many characters does have to become tiring after a while, right?

Fawcett joked that they wanted to have about 12 clones all appear on screen at one time. 

Honestly, I think we all loved that clone dancing scene enough that we wish they'd rise to that challenge, but we'll understand if it might be too much.

During the panel, they also debuted a highlight reel of the previous four seasons and a blooper reel, the latter of which you will find below.

I may be wrong, but it looks like Maslany takes her blooper clues from those with whom she's sharing scenes at the time.

When she's in costume as Allison, Kristian Bruun (Donnie) must really get her going, because the two are really having a great time. 

Jordan Gavaris (Felix) makes the most of his flubs, and if you don't want to see what come to fruition what Bruun suggests in the last scene, I don't believe you.

Take a look now and watch Orphan Black online if you want to see more of the actual series!

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Alison: Felix, are you high?
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