Girls Season 6 Preview: Write the Final Chapter

The first official trailer for Girls Season 6, the final season of this HBO favorite, if finally released. It's wonderful. Watch now for classic Hannah!

Girls Season 6 Teaser: So Many Wonderful Friendships

The first official teaser is out for the final season of Girls, and it doesn't look like much has changed as Hannah is still striving to make her mark on the city. Watch!

Girls Season 5 Promo: Older, Not Much Wiser

The 'Girls' are back in town! Are you ready for them? A new promo for Girls Season 5 has been released before the February 21st premiere. Take a look!

Girls Season 5 Trailer: A Wedding and Other Insanity

HBO has released the official trailer for Girls Season 5. Can we EVER be prepared for the girls to grow up? After watching this, it's hard to tell. Take a look!

Girls Season 5 Teaser

We have a premiere date for Girls Season 5 and a new teaser video to soak in while we await the return. Are you ready to see what's in store?

Girls Season 3 Promo

HBO has released the first promo for Girls Season 3. It returns with new episodes in 2014.

Girls Quotes

Ok I think I got everything, testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch.


Jessa: It's pot, do you want some?
Shoshanna: Oh no, I'm hyper enough already.