Stephen Amell Says Oliver and Felicity are "In a Great Place" on Arrow Season 6

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No, Stephen Amell isn't tripped up by reporters questions.

He doesn't share the keys of the kingdom but reveals how very hard he's pushing the writers to ensure every question is explored as a result of the explosion.

If not, what's the point?

Violent Tendencies - Arrow

There will be injuries, and Amell teases the status of the living.

But Amell's bullish on the relationship he has with his son on the show. It's the favorite thing he's done so far on Season 6.

How Amell describes the tone of that relationship thus far comes down to one sentence.

It's kind of sad!

The Birthday Party - Arrow

Is there any word on Felicity and Oliver?

There is, and the news is good.

That doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows despite their desires to try being more mature.

Hey, listen to him tell it below!

And as always, be sure to watch Arrow online to keep the momentum going before the show returns this fall on The CW!

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