Suits Season 8 Teaser: So. Many. Changes.

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Have you been wondering what the firm will be named on Suits Season 8?

If so, then the new teaser for the upcoming season has the answer for you. 

Drum roll, please...The name of the firm is...

Zane Specter Litt. 

The Impossible - Suits

It has a certain ring to it, but at the same time, it's also pretty self-explanatory. 

Robert Zane joined the firm at the close of Suits Season 7, and with Jessica's name taken off the board, it was obvious there would be an overhaul on the horizon. 

The most surprising part about it is that new partner, Samantha Wheeler's (Katherine Heigl) name is nowhere in sight. 

Heigl Unforgettable tall

That might be something that's being saved for later in the season if she strikes a chord with viewers. 

The teaser also seemingly gives us some more intel about why Wheeler is part of the firm, and it looks like it's all thanks to Robert. 

Elsewhere, Donna is seen giving Harvey some advice as he struggles to rebuild without his best friend in the picture. 

Oh yes, Mike and Rachel made their way out of New York City to lead a firm of their own. 

As previously reported, Suits Season 8 debuts Wednesday, July 18 on USA Network. 

Watch the full teaser below. 

Remember you can watch Suits online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up right now!

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