Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "All By Myself"

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While fans gather in our All By Myself" Round Table include weekly impressions of Denny, Cristina's decision, Callie and Sadie, memorable quotes and much more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: The exchange between Lexie and Mark, as the former undressed in front of the latter. Lexie's constant pleading of "teach me" was a) in character, because Lexie isn't exactly the confident, seductive type; and b) HOT!

missingBurke: So many choices, but this Mer-Der quote / exchange was my favorite.

iheartizzie: Even if you're not a fan of Alex and Izzie together, you had to love the "I frickin' love you" speech. I also enjoyed Owen's telling Cristina to go with her gut, then expalining why.

Bad Little Grey

Lexie's "Teach me, teach me" quote won over at least one Insider staff writer.

2. Did Cristina make the right choice?

iheartizzie: Anybody but Izzie would have been the right choice. Can you imagine Denny in the O.R., with his running commentary throughout the amputation? Distracting!

McCritic: Yes. The solo surgery was about safety, not friendship. Meredith semi-apologizing for the fight between her and Cristina was nothing compared to Alex simply listing his qualifications for the procedure.

missingBurke: Much as I love the Meredith-Cristina frienship I would have to say yes. It's about saving lives and Cristina did what she thought was right, end of story.

3. Callie and Sadie: Fun and flirty? Or soon-to-be hot and heavy?

missingBurke: I'm a little confused by this, but that goes for Sadie's background and character as a whole. I'd also like to see Callie invested in a real relationship (with a man or woman, it doesn't matter to me), but I feel like the writers are sort of making it up as they go with her.

McCritic: For the sake of Melissa George's future on the show, the actress better hope for just fun and flirty!

iheartizzie: Once again, the Grey's Anatomy spoilers have me thinking that this flirtation is bound to be just that, while a new female love interest for Callie will appear early next year.

4. On an eye-rolling scale of 1-10, rate your reaction to this episode's use of Denny.

McCritic: As long as Denny is on the show - in an unexplained manner that is clearly meant as a cheap attempt to garner ratings and attention for the series - this answer will be at least 17.

iheartizzie: Somewhere in the 7-9 range. Why does Izzie show no pain, erratic behavior, or other signs of being out of the ordinary besides seeing Denny? And seeing visions would be one thing, but full-blown (mind-blowing even) sex with someone who isn't there? Really? It's astounding what we're being asked to invest in at this point. Can it be saved?

missingBurke: I'd say 4 or 5. After learning what the Izzie-Denny twist is all about I am reserving judgment on it. At least it makes some sense now. And I love when Denny taunts Alex!

5. Will Karev successfully complete the solo surgery?

iheartizzie: It would certainly create some drama if he pulled another choke job, a la the elevator way back in the day, but Karev looks poised to come through. Not only was he Cristina's choice for a reason, but he's more self-confident (as opposed to his usual cockiness) than ever.

missingBurke: Absolutely. Cristina selected him because she thought he was ready, and the best prepared. She wouldn't make the choice lightly, and he wouldn't repay her by screwing up!

McCritic: With Izzie by his side, the new and improved Alex can do anything!

Kiss on the Cheek

Her mind may be elsewhere (or long gone) in recent weeks, but Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) has a smitten admirer in Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

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Rose Says:
December 8th, 2008 10:28 PM Pink could you not write in caps and could you write intelligibly? Really the Mexie fans have the reputation of being immature twits and you are confirming this with this message. Rose,
This isn't fair to all of the Mexie fans out there. I like Mexie, but I hardly think I'm an immature twit. I've never once bashed Gexie and have no intention of doing so. I think they are an adorable couple that the writers just don't seem to be letting work out. However I think that Mark and Lexie are cute together and it has the possibility of making them both grow up a little. I hardly think that's an "immature twittish" opinion, just mine. Some fans bashing Gexie doesn't give anyone the right to insult ALL Mexie fans. I agree that the fan in question has both terrible grammar and punctuation/capitalization skills, but that doesn't mean all Mexie fans do. Just wanted to mention this.


I think Mark and Lexie are second coolest couple on the show nowadays. Right after Christina and Hunt


I agree with pdempseygirl, MerDer is really no different than little Grey and Sloan, except that Mer Der didn't know they were boss and intern the first time, and boss chased intern, which may actually be worse than intern chasing boss as far as ethics go. I am not sure I like them together, I prefer Sloan and Callie on call interactions, but I trust the writers and can't wait until January 8th for new Greys!


God Lexie looks so young there, very creepy. She should be with george. The only way I could accept Mexie would be if Gizzie reunited. I still would ff them tough, they are so gross.


The Mexie fans make a lot of noise but they are not that many, that is why they write over and over again and in huge caps. Face it, your couple sucks badly, worse than dead Denny and Izzie. If it wasn't for the Gizzie friendship scenes, I would quit this show. If we don't get more of them, I will because really Mexie makes me puke. So glad TR is staying.


Pink could you not write in caps and could you write intelligibly? Really the Mexie fans have the reputation of being immature twits and you are confirming this with this message. I am tired of the few Mexie fans insulting us and ganging up on the vast majority because they hate the chemistry-less Lolita couple. I couldn't care less about their ages, Lexie acts 12. She is only tolerable with George. The show just confirmed TR is NOT leaving, thank God. Yay for more George, more Gizzie and hopefully some Gexie.


Meredith looks a lot older than Lexie and Mark looks much older than Derek so no it is not the same at all. Mark and Lexie are so awkward and fake and creepy and they have no chemistry. You can't fake chemistry. George and Lexie are super amazing and cute and have amazing chemistry so I want them together. Not liking a couple doesn't make me a hater.
I just think they suck as a couple. George better not leave or I will freak especially now that we are finally seeing Gizzie sharing scenes again.


you can think what you guys want to think and have your own opinions but if you dont like it then just dont watch it, so stop bitching and complaining about everything that you dont want to happen. what if they end up good together? its the writers who have the say, not us. TR cant leave:( i liked him and lexi but there too awkward and lexi and mark are cute togehter... she is not 12 and so what its just like merder. lexi and mer are alomost the same age and mark and derek are pretty much the same age. so if your bashing them, then your bashinig merder. and thats nott cool!




I agree with the last posts. Mark and Lexie is the worst idea this show ever came up with. I just read the link, please give Tr whatever he wants, he can't leave.

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