Better Off Ted Recap: "Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits"

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Better Off Ted just continues to get well... better.  During last night's episode, Ted brought his daughter, Rose, to work with him and she affected everyone.

Our favorite moments from this episode, though, all involved Veronica's interactions with Rose.  Unreal.  You can catch up on the events in our "Through Rose Color HAZMAT Suits" recap.

Ted, Rose and Veronica

Be sure and check out the always witty Better Off Ted quotes from the episode:

Ted: I have to watch Rose.
Veronica: I can wash Rose.
Ted: I said "watch" her, not "wash" her.
Veronica: Hmm. Even easier.
Ted: The fact that you thought I was going to go wash Rose right now makes me think you may not know that much about children.
Veronica: I know they need to be cleaned | permalink
Ted: Did you even notice I have my daughter with me today?
Veronica: I look at people's eyes when I talk to them, Ted, not at their waists | permalink
Linda: Kids. God's little awkward-moment machines | permalink

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Better Off Ted Quotes

Veronica: While right now I'm neither interested in raising a child, nor in playing landlord for nine months to a parasitic organism, I just want to keep my options open.
Lem: You want to have my baby?
Veronica: Well, using your DNA would only be my Plan E. Behind fall in love and breed, clone, take one of my sister's kids, or rip out the whole works and sail around the world.
Lem: Well, you would look good on the deck of the right ship. Tanned, wind in your hair, no ovaries.

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