Better Off Ted Review: "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal"

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With ABC rushing to finish up Better Off Ted's second season, we need to enjoy the show while it lasts, even if they go yet another week without giving us a Veridian commercial.

Luckily, the B story "It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal," in which Phil and Lem attempt to figure out why the company stuck a red lab coat in Phil's locker, was remisicent of the fantastic first season.  It turns out Veridian makes random changes to the workplace to increase productivity, and in Better Off Ted fashion, it works.  Now that's the Veridian we know and love.

Lem in Red

Meanwhile, the A story saw the return of the fantastic Mordor from last year's season finale, and his character was fleshed out to be more than just a magician.  Apparently, besides having just an awesome name and a great set of hair, Mordor is a relentless lover.

We love anything that brings out the b*tch in Veronica, and Mordor's indiscretions certainly did that.   The A story provided plenty of smiles, but it didn't have the laugh out loud reactions of the first season or even of this episode's B story.

Overall, we'd give the episode a B+ and are just happy to have a second season while it lasts.  Now for some of our favorite Better Off Ted quotes from the half hour:

Veronica: This weekend, Mordor and I am going scuba diving. Last weekend we raced cars in the desert and ate a rattlesnake... and a goat that wandered into our camp, and then a light salad. | permalink
Phil: Wow. Can you imagine how great it would be to just take Veronica out in the middle of the day and have lunch with her?
Lem: You should try to aim higher for your fantasies. | permalink
Ted: This... this is about Veronica. See, she has a very high-pressure job. And she does it with 100% focus.
Mordor: Oh, she's the same in bed. Or when dismembering a goat.
Ted: Right. So you and the other animals have seen it. | permalink
Veronica: God, you people are paranoid. No wonder the company has to secretly manipulate you. | permalink

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