Scrubs Review: "Our Histories"

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Maybe we're unwilling to let go of one of our favorite sitcoms, but we still love Scrubs.  However, after this week, the show has confirmed that it really needs to figure out where it's going.

Episodes continue to be split between J.D.'s narrative and Lucy, which again, we're okay with, especially this week when J.D. and Turk's Broapalooza took them to the med student party, which blended nicely with the medical students plotline.

J.D. and Turk in Costume

Quick Side Note: They gave the hot Australian student, Maya, a line of dialogue!  We're holding out hope they'll make her a regular once some of the stars leave and free up some room.  She is much too gorgeous to let go of.

Back to our review.  Our main issue with this week's episode was the Ted and Gooch storyline.  Season 8 was the chance for the old cast members to have their sendoffs. 

Sure Ted never had a proper one and we were glad to see him stand up to Kelso and even call him Bob in his goodbye, but Ted got plenty of storyline in season eight, and even matched up with the Gooch.  Did he need a second goodbye and just another excuse to make us loyal viewers sad?

We'll keep saying it until it happens, but rip the band-aid off.  Send off the regulars already and stop toying with us.  Now that the med students are being fleshed out more, even Cole isn't that irritating.  In fact, he had a few great lines this episdoe and even did an awesome little "Final Countdown" bit.

We're ready for Scrubs Med School to have a life of its own and we think it's going to be great.  The actual main storyline featuring the medical students may have been a rehash of last season's "My Last Words," but that was even openly acknowledged in the episode.  The point of this story was more focused on the medical students being fleshed out, and less about the patient, so we thought it actually worked out well.

Even with all of our complaints, "Our Histories" was still a great episode and our favorite so far this season.  We'll continue to be the only source of Scrubs season nine quotes and you can check out our favorites from this episode after the jump.

Lucy: If you want to keep sleeping with me I expect you to have my back.
Cole: God, you have so many rules. Get back, listen to you when you talk, stay out of your purse. Damn girl, quit playing games. | permalink
Cox: So many things to tear apart here. I'll focus on your delusion that you are still young. You guys are much closer to forty than you are twenty. You're just like me and you have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.
J.D. [narrating]: Is he is psychic? | permalink
Ted: The Gooch and I are gonna take some time off and tour the country.
Gooch: We've written a song for every state.
Cox: I'm sure I'll hear all of them when I die and go to hell. | permalink
Turk: An Indian wouldn't wear chaps.
J.D.: You're forgetting my back story. I killed a cowboy and I took his chaps. I'm also a Sheriff. | permalink
Lucy: Thanks for making Cole come back.
Denise: I didn't tell him to come back. I hate talking to that guy, it adds an extra shower to my day. | permalink

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Does anyone know the song Gooch was playing on Ted's final send off? A song by Asia perhaps?


You have a wrong name in the fist quote, it's Cole not Turk :)

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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Lucy: If you want to keep sleeping with me I expect you to have my back.
Turk: God, you have so many rules. Get back, listen to you when you talk, stay out of your purse. Damn girl, quit playing games.

Drew: Cole, I need the retractor.
Cole [eating a sandwich]: I'm using it right now.
Drew: Seriously?
Cole: Yeah, I don't like touching bread, it creeps me out.