How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Perfect Week"

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Welcome back, How I Met Your Mother, oh how we missed you!

On "The Perfect Week," we once again realized why we love single Barney so much. I am not a huge sports fanatic, but it was pretty awesome to have a Yankee make a cameo on HIMYM. And not just any Yankee, but Nick Swisher. He is super delicious.

What's your Sign?

The play by play between Barney and Jim Nantz was fantastic. Especially when Nantz got up and kicked the chair due to Lily saying jinx multiple times.There is one thing I do know, when it comes to sports fans alike are all rather superstitious.

The interaction between Nantz and Barney really had me rooting for Barney to land the seven girls - and that is a feat because normally I would just be disgusted by that kind of whorish actions.

We got to give it up also for the gang's sub story-lines. Who on earth shares a toothbrush? I have to admit, in dire circumstances I have had to borrow one, but making in a routine thing? That is just gross. Good job adding humor to it by having the whole gang use just one.

Lily and Marshall's quest to find that perfect couple to double date with is also awesome. Time after time they just can never make it work. It's like in a sense they too are waiting for Ted to meet his future wife. We bet it would be the best couple to double date with ever!

Poor Asian girl in Ted's class - what an awfully funny name! Cook Pu!? However you spell it, it is awesome. This brings up an interesting point - Asian's tend to be extremely bright people. Usually the first in anything technologically advanced, so why do they love to have such funny name for things. I swear most of the Asian restaurants I love have names like Poon or sound like Fook you. It's great. I just feel bad for the people that get stuck living in America with those names. Time to go to your local DMV and get that changed!

We thought this episode was pure comic gold. And had to give it 4.5 stars. What did you guys think? What was your favorite line? Here are a few of our favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from last night:

Marshall: You smeared the Pu name. | permalink
Ted: Like I'm totally going to sit my kids down and talk to them about the time Barney nailed seven chicks in a row.
Future Ted: Am I a bad dad? | permalink
Barney's boss: I know this week has been tough on you.
Barney: I barely slept. | permalink
Barney: Jim, there's nothing routine about the way I get down. | permalink


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Best thing the writers managed to do was make the reader feel that Barney should get the 7th girl. We all watch sports and in a final we are so tense. Feel the same tension in this episode. Superb!!. 5 stars for me.


I love this show, GO the barnacle!!! And ofcourse the tooth brush thing is more discusting than what barney is doing. I think this was my least favourite episode because of the tooth brush. I find Lilly and Marshall a bit icky with the 'we' stuff, cut the cord man. Love Marshall he would be a perfect guy to marry but dislike Lilly because she is so bosy and always couses trouble for him. I mean, the credit card debts, she ran away, in which time marshall soooooooooo should have slept with a nother girl, i thought the writers would do that. If it were real life that he should be more of a man, especially with her keeping her surname!!! come on, I was honerd to take my husbands name. I LOVE THE SHOW, just missed a few eps because its draging with meeting the mother. 'Lilly least funny" she is too medling in everything and the way she treats Marshal.


"This brings up an interesting point - Asian's tend to be extremely bright people. Usually the first in anything technologically advanced, so why do they love to have such funny name for things." Hahaha! Write an actual and non-offensive review. You're right though, Mrs. Northman, when one lives in America, one should expect people to poke fun. It's all a melting pot of laughing at the expense of others--not acceptance, appreciation, or even correct grammar isn't it?
Hey! Here's an Asian-American breaking another stereotype of "our people" not having the intellectual capacity for American grammar: "This brings up an interesting point - Asians tend to be extremely bright people. Usually the first in anything technologically advanced, why do they love to have such funny name for things?" I don't think I need to say anything racist to make a fool of you. You did it just as well, if not better so, by yourself.


Hahaha! Thats great! Vagina - What country is that from? I am sorry if you took offense to me saying that - but, I didn't say they didn't know how to name their kids. All I said is if you live in America expect people to poke fun - just like if we lived over there, I am sure if I got ridiculed constantly for my name, I would change it in the classroom, etc.


i'm asian and i kinda take offence to your saying how asians are intelligent but dont know how to name their kids, IT'S ALL IN THE LANGUAGE. some things happen to sound funny in english, but not everyone understands english to know that. and so many caucasians love naming their things 'pooky'. let me assure you that means 'vagina' in an asian language. go figure.

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