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Cougar Town Review: "What Are You Doin' In My Life?"

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This week, Beverly D'Angelo swung by Cougar Town to guest star as Laurie's mother, Sheila.  While she did a fine job, her character wasn't given much material to work with besides ripping on Jules and Laurie's lesbian relationship and bringing out the crazy.

Laurie and her Mother

Being huge fans of the actress from her iconic role in the Vacation series and more recently as Barbara Miller on Entourage, we were hoping for a little more.  In the end, the main storyline of "What Are You Doin' In My Life?" was mostly heart-warming and not loaded with the best laughs.

The main laughs last night were mostly brought by Bobby, Ellie, Grayson and Andy in their ridiculous plotline of Bobby being beat up by a female hobo.  Only on Cougar Town and only with Bobby.

We're not even going to comment on Travis and Barb's storyline, which was as much of a throwaway in the episode as it is in our review.  Overall, it was a decent episode that brought some laughs and some impressive development for Jules and Laurie.  We love their faux mother-daughter, err sister and much older sister relationship.

Now we'll leave you with some Cougar Town quotes from the haf hour after the jump.

Ellie: We are not friends, human beings cannot be friends with chimps
Bobby: Sure they can. My buddy Daryl was best friends with his chimp, Binky.
Jules: It's true. Until Binky turned six and then he get angry one day and ripped of Daryl's arm.
Bobby: They're still friends, they're just not best friends. | permalink
Sheila: Why do you have a post-it that says "I'm awesome?"
Jules: Because I am. | permalink
Jules: Oh my god Laurie, your butt looks amazing in those jeans.
Sheila: Goodbye Ellen.
Jules: I'm gonna be Portia. | permalink
Ellie: How are you not embarrassed?
Bobby: Sorry Ellie, can't be done.
Andy: It's true, this is the guy who's main goal in life is to party so hard he craps his pants in every country.
Bobby: I already knocked off America and Mexico. Mexico was easy. | permalink


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