Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Empire Strikes Jack"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel gathers to review the events of "The Empire Strikes Jack" and discuss the developments to come.

Once again, with DANdy on his honeymoon with the new Mrs. DANdy, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester attempt to hold the fort by dissecting Monday's Gossip Girl.

On tap: Last night's top quotes and stories, plot holes and schemes ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

Gossip Guy: Chuck: "I've come this far without my mother, I'm not gonna back down now." Blair: "Well if it's a war Chuck wants, it's a war he'll get." Only because this makes me think Chair is going to team up to take down Jack.

Mister Meester: A tie between "Miss Blair, you have no friends. Even NYU minions very second-rate!" and Brandeis: "Can I help you?" Dorota: "I am Dorota." LOL at both.

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2. What was your favorite story line from last night?

Gossip Guy: Vanessa's. Hahahahaha! Man, I'm so funny. Sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah, favorite story line. I'm going to pick the fashion one over Chuck's, which ended up being too convoluted and not making sense. The fashion one had some hilarious moments by Blair and Dorota as they hired an army of prostitutes. Plus, Blair's blackmailing of Mr. Conwell was reminiscent of the Blair Waldorf we loved from prior seasons.

Mister Meester: Chuck's story line continues to show what an outstanding actor Ed Westwick is, and I really want to see Chair topple Jack once and for all. But the Elizabeth character is more confusing to me than anything, so I was slightly more into the Jenny/Blair stories. Both were terrific, taking us back to their characters' roots in a way. B is hilarious.

3. Worst schemer: Agnes or Serena/Nate combined?

Gossip Guy: Serena and Nate by far. These two have the combined IQ of the dessert items they use during their ridiculously hot sex. Let's just stick to that instead.

Mister Meester: They're really bad, but Serenate is cute when they try to act all smart. Agnes is equally terrible, but just evil with no redeeming charm, so she wins.

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Hot? Yes. Good at scheming? No.

4. Plot hole of the night: Eleanor not going through with the deal, Jenny needing someone to watch her stuff at the Waldorfs', or Chuck's mom leaving at the end?

Gossip Guy: I truly do believe that Eleanor would be that stuck up as to not adjust her line for Mr. Conwell and I never put anything past Jenny. Now, Chuck's entire plot line felt like a gaping hole to me. Not sure where to begin, but yes, we can go with every scene of Chuck's mother, including her leaving at the end, as a gaping chasm. Good riddance to bad acting slash bad character.

Mister Meester: A tie between #1 and #3, since both made statements to the contrary. Eleanor HAD to have this deal, supposedly, and Chuck's mother leaving Jack and Chuck at the end? Baffling. As far as J, I'll buy that one. Trouble just seems to find this girl.

5. How far will Chuck go to get his hotel back?

Gossip Guy: With a witty episode titled like "The Empire Strikes Jack," I was hoping this would be an episode of the entire UES crew teaming up to take down Jack. Instead, I'm really hoping Chuck will finally suck it up and take a little help from the ultimate schemer, Blair, next week. I can only imagine the plan that the powers of Chair finally combined could involve. All I know is that after messing with these two, if Jack only loses the hotel, he'll consider himself lucky.

Mister Meester: I don't know, but is anyone else extremely concerned after seeing next week's promo (which we'll post in a little while)? Very Indecent Proposal-esque.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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go mister meester


Ahhh, I hate Jenny! She doesn't deserve Nate!!


I have seen better episodes than this, but this was by far the most dramatic we have seen in quite some time.
Vanessa and Dan is getting annoying already as a couple. Their relationship is just boring so who cares if it's a friends with benefit thing or not. I thought it was so unrealistic of Nate and Serena to be so cool about the situation like, "Score! You nailed my ex!"
Nate and Serena the golden couple? I though goldem meant you have to have smarts, and base on the way they tried to get at Jack didnot proove they had any. Something big is so about to go down with Jenny and Nate in the future. I kind of wish Carter would come back because I prefer him and Serena over her and Nate.
Blair's and Eleanor's scene after the show when she was admitting she didn't have any friends at NYU was one of the best scene of the episode. Their bonding time was very touching and I like te fact that there was a sweet and innocent side to Blair we got to see.
So for about 5 seconds Elizabeth was Chuck's mom, then she said she wasn't but only to lie about tha because she really was???? What is up with her? I'm lad she is gone because my baby doesn't need someone like her. Yes!!! Blair and Chuck are teaming up to take down Jack. The last scene ended very nicely. Ending with Chair is always the best way to go. I have a hard time believing that Blair would stay so calm at the fashion show when knowing her love is in trouble. I was of course disappinted by the lack of Chair.
OMG!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WFT!!!!!!!I can not believe what I saw for the promo for next weeks episode. This cannot be happening!!!!! If the producers and writers really are making Blair doing the nasty with Jack again, then I have lost all respect for them!!! They will ruin the entire show if they really followed through. I can only hope now that nothing happens with Blair and Jack. My stomach turns everytime I think about it!!!!!!! Please Don't Let It Happen!!!
Chair Forever!!!


@megan Oh ya! there was! Something I've noticed before though is that they don't always use clips for the episode the promo is for?... Its kind of weird but my guess is that the knife clip is a scene from next weeks GG (2.17) Because Serena is gonna throw Nate a bday with that whole "murder" game or whatever so... It makes sense with the whole theme of the party that someone is going to be "stabbed" lol. Good observation! :P


1. Eleanor "What about your friends from school?"
Blair: "They'll be anyone's friend... for the night!" 2. I thought everyone's story line was exceptionally good this glorious episode! But I especially liked Blair and Eleanor's story line with the whole fashion show! a) because we saw the old merciless, vixen Blair! b) Because it brought a sweet mother/daughter moment and c) because it was funny! 3. Nate/Serena obviously! haha! These guys are the worst schemers eveeeeer! 4. Chuck's mom leaving at the end... I guess? I mean that whole thing I found to be confusing this episode. When Chuck was telling Elizabeth to stay, I'm like "Nooooo!" and then when shes like I'm not your mother, I'm like "Yeeessss!" and then Jack says something about ruining your relationship with YOUR SON, and I'm like "Noooooo!" (again!) 5. I was gonna say hopefully far but after seeing the promo for next weeks GG.... well now I'm saying, Hopefully not THAT far (you all know what I mean!)


I'm extremely concerned too...


Chuck isn't going to just turn Blair over to Jack--this is a CHAIR scheme, for sure!! They figure they are going to one-up Jack, somehow--compromsing photos, fake rape cry by Blair, something--but I think it goes very wrong.

Sandals are not shoes

Ed Westwick is such an amazing actor!!!
I love the scenes when he has to break down, they're amazing! I wanna cry too. And I really loved all those smiles he gave Elizabeth. I was replaying them 50 times...


umm in the preview for last night's episode wasn't there a knife? i'm confused!


@ Mister Meester: I saw the promo, too and I know what u mean. The answer to that last question seems to be 'as far as he has too...'

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