Eleanor is Back
Eleanor is back this week, as are Jack and Agnes. It's like a Season 2 reunion or something!

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@Elise of the Upper East Side You're spot on. That was exactly what made me watch the show in the first place, and now it's so different...


@Charlotte Waldorf
lol, *not enough..* :)

Elise of the upper east side

YES!! I miss her!!!!!!!! I don't think GG will ever be the same, with the kids, parents, drama, fashion, etc, but its nice to see her again. i feel like they made it too college/boring/different too soon and they kind of (no they REALLY) went overboard. they didn't go from 18 to 40. they can still be a little immature and stuff (like chuck?? what happened? is he 80??!) and they really didn't need to. its like the tried to ruin the show. they even film it differently now. it lost all its class and glamour. now the characters are bland, the fashion is bland, and the storylines are superficial...its so sad. but anyway, YAY I LOVE ELEANOR!! SO GLAD SHE'S BACK! :) HORRAY!


yay! finally! maybe she can talk some sense into her daughter! and she looks great by the way!

Charlotte waldorf

Ok,all I need is Cyrus now *-*

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