Dan, Nate and Vanessa in "The Empire Strikes Jack," from Season 3 of Gossip Girl. Threesome anyone?

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Your's is a point of view where real itenillgence shines through.


I want NV but knowing the writers they writers they won't give them back to us. but goodness they both look so good looking in this photo.Dan needs to cut his hair and get ride of those god awful side burns and go back to serena. i ship
derena/chair/nanessa. i am gonna hold on to hope that the couples go back to the way they were for nv and ds


chace and ian do look a like but ian looks so much better he is just all around sexy but dont get me wrong chace is hot to ian is just better oh and i love nate and vanessa


eeeew i hated vanessa and nate together. its soo true chace looks like ian somerhalder except chace is waaay hotter. ian's eyebrows do creepy things when he talks i've just realised. rofl @GoldenUnderpants i totally agree hes soo adorable. he pulls the funniest expressions xD


Nates face made me LOL XD hes such a puppy... you gotta love him XD


I loooooooove Nate and Vanessa together
they make a GREAT couple!!


love nate and vanessa screw dan


Wow, Chace reminds me in this picture Ian!! xD Just like brothers.


I once read that Nate looks like Ian Somerhalder (Damon in Vampires Diaries) and I never believed until I saw this picture. It´s scary how much Nate looks like Damon while looking sideways. Dan and Vanessa look great (Vanessa haters don´t hate me please). With that hair do Dan looks like from a 19th century movie (Age of Inocence, a little?) and Vanessa´s hair is also great.


nate and vanessa are both looking so seductively at dan! haha and they both have blue eyes!

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