Happy Birthday, Jessica Szohr!

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Jessica Karen Szohr is 25 today. The Gossip Girl cast member may not play the most popular character on the show, but what's not to like about the Wisconsin native in real life?

Besides that she dates your dream man, ladies.

In any case, we've put together a little gallery of Jessica Szohr pictures in honor of her big day. Click to enlarge and leave a comment with your birthday wishes for Jessica ...

She's #2
A Jessica and Ed Pic
Szohr Sexiness
Gorgeous Jessica
Jessica Szohr Yearbook Photo
Hands On
Wash Your Hair!
Oh, Poor V
Gorgeous Jessica Szohr
Behind the Camera
Casual V
V: NYU Freshman
Sexy Jessica
Szohr Bet
Jessica in Lucky
D n' V

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Happy 25th Birthday, Jessica! I don't get why people hate her character Vanessa! Vanessa is one of my favorites! Whatever, I don't care what people say- I love Jessica/Vanessa! She's beautiful and talented! :D


i think she is amazing
people on gossipgirlinsider talked shit about blair first also and serena was the caracter who was idealized i couldn't realize that, because i liked leighton a lot, but then the same faces start talking about how amazing leighton is and how terrible serena is
so yeah i think many who tell how awful acter jesssica shozr is or how annoying her character is soon realise they really like her
(pardon my english, its my third languish)


happy birthday, bitch


Happy birthday, bonne fête! I love you jessica! And i love vanessa too, so don't worry you still fans! me and many others that dont shout it out or say bad stuff about the other characters so it seems we dont really exist! anyways lol love to you and your boyfriend HAPPY B-DAY :)


happy birthday Jess!, even if i hate your your character, i have nothing against you


Happy B'day Jess :)


happy bday!!!! I don't understand why so many people hate her... I mean I'm not a HUGE V fan either but Jessica is fine!!! She's very sweet and pretty!!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy B-day ,Jess


happy birthday :)


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