Happy Birthday, Jessica Szohr!

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Jessica Karen Szohr is 25 today. The Gossip Girl cast member may not play the most popular character on the show, but what's not to like about the Wisconsin native in real life?

Besides that she dates your dream man, ladies.

In any case, we've put together a little gallery of Jessica Szohr pictures in honor of her big day. Click to enlarge and leave a comment with your birthday wishes for Jessica ...

She's #2
A Jessica and Ed Pic
Szohr Sexiness
Gorgeous Jessica
Jessica Szohr Yearbook Photo
Hands On
Wash Your Hair!
Oh, Poor V
Gorgeous Jessica Szohr
Behind the Camera
Casual V
V: NYU Freshman
Sexy Jessica
Szohr Bet
Jessica in Lucky
D n' V
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I can't understand why so many people hate her... I think she's a very talented actress... Happy Birthday :)


happy birthday Jessica.. love you babe :)


happy birthday Jessica. love you babe :)


now that i know she's a march baby, i sort of like her a little and Ed westwick dating her (half-black and older) means i have a REAL chance with him so HAPPY BDAY JESSICA! HAVE FUN AND FORGET ALL UR TROUBLES COS ITS UR DAY AND IT ONLY COMES ONCE A YEAR!!!!!!


@eldrea, I don't think you meant to be rude, and to apologize is pretty sweet so don't feel bad :D


I'm sorry for my rude comment. :(


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!! I wish you the best cause I find you to be amazing ! Haters... pffff all i have to say is: We need them, they're our biggest fans :P


happy b-day !


love her...get a job haters!!!!!!!!!!!happy bday jess szohr


I hope she has a great day with Ed and her friends! have a good birthday! x :)

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