Season Finale Pregnancy Spoiler: The Field Narrows!

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Monday, we told you about an item posted by EW regarding a character's "shocking" pregnancy being revealed on the upcoming season finale of one popular, hour-long drama.

The only question, of course, is which show, and which character. We weighed in with a bunch of possibilities last week, and it looks as if some of them are still on the table.

EW just nixed some of our predictions (The Vampire Diaries) by releasing a short list of contenders, though our top two guesses (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy) remain.

Kate Austen Pic
Brennan Pic

A couple of possibilities we hadn't considered.

The big season finale pregnancy takes place on one of these:

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • House
  • Bones
  • Chuck
  • Gossip Girl
  • Smallville
  • NCIS
  • Glee
  • Lost

Which of the above shows do you think will end its season with a pregnancy shocker - and which character(s) do you think will be involved? Share your theories!

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- Not only do you have new photos of the holgioans but you have them in crisp cute clean clothes too! We should swap kids for these kinds of jobs though it always works better that way. And if it means a trip across the pond, hey that's a week without kids! yeah baby. Hey, where's the new blog anyway?September 10, 2008 7:09 AM


I think it will be Angela from Bones. It makes sense. Her & Hodgins are on a honeymoon...


it might also be sarah, now that she is (at last) with chuck, and this realy is the best shot.
booth and brennan are spliting up, ncis will be gibbs-centric, it's definitly not glee (not another pregnant teen), in grey's anatomy it's too much for any of them to handle.
it can still be in house, i don't see who in gossip girl nor in smallville.


My best guess is BONES.


This has got nothing to do with what is written in this page. Haven't anyone noticed yet that Paget Brewster and Lea Michele look like identical twins, or mother/daughter?
They're not relatives and I dobut they even know each other, but that they are identical they are.


I reckon Lily on GG.


I believe it is going to be Sarah on Chuck. They just got together again and this time I think it'll be them. I don't think it'll be on bones, cause brennan is still weary of getting involved. I think this episode coming up thursday, she is going to feel jealous of that girl who asks booth out. She might even turn down his boss right? House I don't think so unless him and lisa get together .


how coulld it be dorota on gossip girlll? like seriouslly they said season finalee adn the season finalee hasnt happened yett !! duh


Well Ziva is a definite candidate for this. I mean she has very few scenes in the last episodes and was barely standing. She was also wearing some loose clothing that could possible hide her "bump". So who knows but definitely not Bones

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