The Mentalist Review: "Aingavite Baa"

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Last night our beloved CBI couple were put between a rock and a hard place.

Rigsby and Van Pelt had to choose to stay together as a couple or break up and remain platonic partners in their unit. What did you think of the outcome?

Secret Kiss

Our favorite part of  "Aingavite Baa" was when Rigsby pulled Van Pelt into a corner and told her how much he loved her - over his career. It was just super sweet and unexpected (esp. since the last time their relationship was on the line he wanted her to leave the team)! Since this is a TV show, we knew they would have to remain on the force, but in real life, we really would hope one would leave the team for the sake of love. What can we say? We're saps like that!

Of course, Van Pelt ended things and something tells us this won't be the end for these two! Do you think that they will beat the odds and be able to pull of sneaking around? We think Agent Hightower is too smart not to nice their romantic shenanigans.

Jane was as clever as ever with helping Jane Doe get her memory back. We find is so impressive how he can read people and know instinctively whether they are lying or telling the truth. We would love to know how to do that!

It was also pretty fun to watch Jane mentally mess with the young kid up before playing a game of pool with him. We just aren't cool enough to be able to do something like that.

Playing Pool

We already love the dynamics between Jane and Hightower - and it is just the beginning! How great was it when Jane read that Hightower was unhappily married. He also slyly suggested to Hightower to be nicer to Lisbon - and it worked! 

Don't get us wrong, we still believe Hightower is the no nonsense pitbull type of boss. She is already very intimidating - which we like. We can't wait to see a softer side to her - but, maybe because we expect there to be one, it just won't happen. Do you think we will ever see a softer side to Agent Hightower?

Once again, we are no where near any Red John information. What gives?! Follow the jump to see a few of our favorite The Mentalist quotes. What were a couple of yours?

Jane: Certainty is the mother of fools. | permalink
Jane: Ohh! Schooled ya! | permalink
Cho: Which do you want more - the job or Van Pelt?
Rigsby: It's not that simple.
Cho: Job or Van Pelt - that's all there is to it. | permalink
Rigsby: I love you.
Van Pelt: I love you. | permalink
Jane: It's hard to lie when you are thinking about something else. | permalink
Agent Hightower: Like I tell my children - rules are rules. | permalink
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Evil twin...any character...take your THAT would be weak! I loved the moment when Lisbon and Jane found Van Pelt trying not to let them see her cry on the elevator. Jane backs off, letting the two women have a private moment together, and the look of helpless panic Lisbon shot Jane was just priceless.


Get rid of the Hightower character. What a stereotype... a tough police Captain, Inspector, Sergeant (you fill in the rank) who kicks butt and takes names. Can we get any more weak? This is the standard for every weak cop shoow for the last 30 years. This show had something special: A great cast, Cho, Van Pelt, Rigsby, Lisbon and, of course, Jane. The chemistry between them is what makes this a great show. The addition of Hightower is just annoying. Is the writing for the show getting so weak that we have to resort to this old plot. What next...give Jane a "wacky side kick"


Jane is also messing with everyone's mind. Now that he knows he is golden, we are going to see interesting exchanges and even words with Hightower. She will back off from Lisbon or risk more insights into her private life from Jane. Post hypnotic suggestions with a person with amnesia is not easy but doable, that he would use it in this instance is genius. Am I the only one who sees many of the actors from The Guardian showing up here. Is there a Simon Baker associates club?

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

It's hard to lie when you are thinking about something else.


Yep, that's a shoe.