The Mentalist Review: "Red All Over"

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Last night's episode of The Mentalist did not bring us any closer to new leads on Red John. In fact, this season seems like he (or she) is just a figment of our imagination. A ghost that gets brought up for a second and then vanishes.

Since this season is coming to an end, we really do hope that Red John will come back to haunt Jane again. But, the question is, how?

Who will be one of Red John's conspirators? Do you think Agent Hightower could be a double agent? Her relationship with Jane has been interesting so far. She has made it clear how important he is to the team - maybe he is just that much more important to her?

Malcolm McDowell on The Mentalist

Given the episode title, "Red All Over", we just expected more than a fleeting conversation Brett (Malcolm McDowell) had about Jane's past. It was obvious that Brett struck a nerve with Jane - and he definitely is able to play the creepy high powered boss quite well! We do hope that he returns in upcoming episodes. We really liked his character and the weird cult like group that he controls.

We weren't too thrilled about how Jane involved the little girl Ashley into solving the case. Was it necessary for Ashley to be stuck in a vault having to hear her grandfather admit that he killed his own son then get handcuffed and arrested? Poor form!

What was the point of the bomb? Was Alexander or Brett behind it? We couldn't figure it out. Any insights?

We have to admit that we did like the scene where Rigsby and Van Pelt walk in on Ed and crazy Elizabeth getting it on! That gave us a few chuckles.

All in all The Mentalist has a pretty basic outline for a show - someone gets murdered in the opening scene and it is up to the CBI team (and Jane's wacky unnatural instincts) to figure it out.

A modern day adult version of Scooby-Doo (with an actual murder, of course) if you will. What makes this show so unique is Jane's character and his relationship with the serial killer Red John. We can't wait to see what happens with this storyline!

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite The Mentalist quotes after the jump!

Jane: That's what's called cutting off your nose to spite your face. | permalink
Jane: Oh Lizzie you are bat nuts crazy - bat nuts! | permalink
Brett: Ya know, now I see why Red John really loves sparring for you. A worthy advisory.
Jane: Yes, straight for the jugular.
Lisbon: Obviously he struck a nerve.
Brett: Losing a wife and child like that makes a man reckless. Untethers him. Fills him with anger and shame that he cannot express. Well it must make your job very hard, hmm?
Lisbon: Yes, but the health plan is great. | permalink
Jane: Excuse me, I'm sorry, uhh the eye is the key or the window or both? I'm confused. | permalink
Jane: I was hoping to dazzle you all with my uncanny detective skills, but you forced me, you forced me to reveal the humdrum facts and point out that you have blood on your shoes, Heather.
Lisbon: Can you step out of your shoes ma'am?
Jane: Stop the presses! That's the phrase right, stop the presses? Always wanted to say that. | permalink


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Did anyone notice that strange building in this episode. For those who don't remember. It was the Command Center in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series


The phone Jane used was in an evidence bag that was seized along with the book in Elizabeth's office, how else would it be in evidence and Jane was seriously worried, this is simply another red herring until the real l\killer is discovered. The plot was lame and McDowell was not used to his potential as a truly demonic person. Please bring back Red John if only to kill Hightower who is simply annoying. Lisbon needs to stop jutting her chin to make a point, short people do this as a sign of daring.


Sure, Jane planted the bomb, and it was a fake. If you remember when the grandfather got the second text, he said it came from the same phone number as the first, and the second text was sent by Jane when he was laying on the sofa in the CBI office. We see him send it. Lisbon was never in danger, because the bomb wasn't real to begin with, and he walked her right to it when she called to ask him where it was. This should have been revealed unless it ended up on the cutting room floor or will be revealed later, or the director figured everyone would be able to figure it out. I think Van Pelt was in on it too, because that would explain why she smiled so big to Rigsby when she told him the phone number had been traced to Elizabeth. Who knows, Lisbon could have been in on it too just to fool the family into thinking they were in danger. I think Brett is a great candidate for Red John, don't you?

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