Weeds Review: "Felling and Swamping"

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On this week's episode of Weeds we get introduced to the Newmans. Why the Newmans you ask? Think about it: New Man. Fits, right?

Each of our beloved Botwins take on a new name and with the help of the "China man" become the ever so happy Newman family.

Side note, how awesome was the China man as a suburban geeky teenage white boy? I truly enjoyed the scene with Andy bartering his Hooters gift cards for a fake ID.

"Felling and Swamping" didn't miss a beat being the second episode of the season. Throughout the episode, my one thought had to be how in the hell will Nancy and Co. make it out alive this season?

Nancy on the Street

So far, it seems like Nancy is always able to barely make it by - each time digging herself deeper and deeper down into the rabbit hole. How long do you think it will take for Esteban and the government to catch them?

We finally get to see the strong bond that Silas has with his family. As much as he knows that this is not his fault and could easily walk away, he chooses to stay and start a new life with the rest of them. Many would ask - why choose this path? I ask: why not? I don't think anything could be worse than being a lone wolf - at least he has a pack to travel with. Maybe not the brightest pack, but a pack nonetheless.

A couple people brought to my attention that Shane really isn't a psychopath - just a child that was brought up under extremely terrible circumstances. But I beg to differ. Throughout this episode we see that Shane has absolutely no remorse or guilt about bludgeoning Pilar with the mallet. He is able to crack jokes, look up newspaper articles for anything about the murder as if it were a sports game that he missed, and has the smarts above the rest of them by just destroying his SIM card as opposed to smashing his phone. 

This kid is beyond creepy.

I liked the casual shout out to Celia and Isabelle. Many shows give grandiose exits for main characters - Weeds likes to do things quick and painless. Does this mean this is the last we see of Isabelle, too?

Also, we have yet to see Doug; although from spoilers we know he will be back - and I just can't wait to hear what comes out of his mouth this season.

Until next week, we leave you with our favorite Weeds quotes after the jump!

Nancy: I love that you sleep all the time - I know mother's aren't supposed to say that, but i do. | permalink
Shane: Don't make me get all Pilar on your ass. | permalink
Shane: But you're glad I did it.
Nancy: I'm glad it was done - not by you. Don't smile. | permalink
Nancy: You decide - are you going to be a lone wolf or stay with the pack? | permalink
Silas: What's the matter - they opened the pool cover? | permalink
Silas: Maybe she's not dead - maybe she's just injured.
Shane: Maybe she's just injured before mom pulled the automatic pool cover over her head. | permalink
Andy: What's the destination, boss? | permalink


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You surely get me writing Mrs. Northman )). Although I may find the smashing-phone-scene-argument the weakest of all the other somewhat strong arguments you exposed (because—come on, the scene was funny And it just reminds us that Shane is a smart boy, on a good dimension I mean; remember when he set up a video surveillance system for their home, or how he managed to conduct important reconstruction in their Del Mare house ? Him having the smarts above the rest of the others to smash his SIM card instead of his phone is more a reminder of that fact rather than an indication of his supposed psycopathic behaviour…), it brings out to me something you may have forgotten : Shane is a boy. Therefore, let's agree to disagree for now, for boys possess the somewhat weird ability to just not care about things—until they come around, of course. And they will, as we're talking about murder after all. As a dude, I only saw his "sports games results searching" as a typical dude's behaviour (you know, acting stupid in order to Not think or to look different than we actually are ?)... But as I wrote, let's agree to disagree until the end of the season :). I also liked Silas' pool cover line. (by the way, please forgive my english for it is not my first language).


I don't think it's a bad thing at all for Nancy to have raised a psychopath. She needs a psychopath on her side for protection. If they can ever get a safe home base, Nance can be the dealer, Silas can grow, Andy can be the homemaker, and Shane can be the bodyguard!


For me the best quote it was Nancy's, or I guess now Nathaly's: "No more sugar for you". Yeah, great way to punish your son for killing someone.

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Did she scream? Was there blood?


(to Nancy) What's the destination boss?