Life Unexpected Season Premiere Review: "Ocean Uncharted"

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Tonight's season premiere episode of Life Unexpected really proved to us that this show was worth another season.

"Ocean Uncharted" did not pick up exactly where it left off last season, but gave our characters a couple of weeks (maybe a month?) to get back into the groove of things.

Amy Price-Francis on Life Unexpected

Ryan, Cate, and Lux make it back from their honeymoon (how cute is it that they made it into a family trip!?) and are awakened by the reality of their lives.

Cate and Ryan have to make due with their producers not being too thrilled that they are not the ever fun loving single people they once were, but now a married couple. So they hire a third anchor to host their morning show, Kelly. Did anyone else catch the way Kelly looked at Ryan? Something tells me, she might play a pivotal role in coming between Cate and Ryan.

Also, the chemistry between Cate and Baze is still burning! It may only be on a simmer, but you can still feel some heat there! Since Cate is a newlywed, I doubt anything will happen anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if these two find themselves lip locked - again!

Throughout this whole episode, I felt nothing but sadness for Bug! I mean, who really thought that proposal was going to stick? For goodness sake, they're only sixteen!

Thankfully, Lux had enough commonsense to end things shortly after Bug proposed, but that poor guy never gets a break! I am still rooting for them and hopefully they will able to get back together! (Speaking of rooting for Bug, where in the world is Jones!?)

We also got introduced to two other new characters:

Eric - A good-looking young man who makes Lux realize what she could be getting herself into with marrying Bug. I feel he will likely be a huge game changer in Lux's life. À la Pretty Little Liars, he is the new teacher in Lux's high school! And after we saw the awkward reaction they shared to seeing each other in school, I for one, am LOVING it!

Paige - Out of everyone in the Portland area, the new bartender at Baze's bar happens to be Ryan's sister. Go figure. And could this chick give blondes a better rep? Who in there right mind would throw a lit cigarette into a garbage can? One thing's for certain, she will definitely bring on the drama this season!

So far, the second season premiere definitely confirmed for me that this show is an A in my book. With the funny one-liners and heart touching moments, I can't wait to see what will happen next with my favorite unexpected family.

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite Life Unexpected quotes below and one final question - who the Sam Hill is Julia?!?!

Baze: Hi.
Cate: Word on the street is that you're going to be okay.
Baze: Yeah, sorry. | permalink
Eric: (giving Lux his digits) My number - incase you want to go see something else sometime. | permalink
Cate: (to Ryan) See that's how it works in our marriage. We both wear the thank-you notes and we both wear the pants. | permalink
Lux: (to Eric about hitch hiking) I'm not going to get into a random car - again.
Eric: Buck up, people might surprise you. | permalink
Cate: You can't fix things with me, Baze, because we're broken. And we're always going to be broken. | permalink
Eric: Wow! This place is popular.
Lux: We're closed. | permalink
Baze: Welcome home, how was the moon, that's short for honeymoon. | permalink


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I love the premier... Baze's eyes... i love his eyes the full episode!!!!! When he was talking with his father, with Cate, with Lux... Oh my god... I was about to cry.
I know CAte and Nate will end up together... just I love the travel... both have to be worthwhile for the other...


I think it really got to a good start but in a way it's made me a little more annoyed that it will still be a short season. Ultimately, I hope Cate and Baze will get together, although I do like Ryan, for some reason I just find Cate and Nate together so entertaining. Lux is always so, but, although I know her character is meant to be screwed up, sometimes I think her life would be much simpler if she just stood still and thought for a second longer.


@Kitty I think that's definitely something that really bugs me about Baze. He can be a good guy at times, and do heroic things at times but he also can think really selfishly. Cate and others repeatedly asked him if he had feelings for Cate, and he denies it. Then he burst in on the wedding, and later as soon Cate & Ryan get back from their honeymoon wants to talk to Cate and tell her he loves her. Like Cate said it was pretty obvious when he burst in on the wedding. Then later when he's in the hospital he asks Cate would it had made a difference if he arrived on time. Let it go Baze!!! Back off she's married now.


Solid episode, but I don't really like how they are trying to make Ryan a bad guy. I love him and Cate together and I don't want to see them braek up.
He was a great guy last season. But right now I get the sense the writers are gonna change his character according to what fits best into where they want Cate and Baze to go?
That would just be lame and annoing and I hope they don't do it!!!!!!!!!! I also like Baze, but come on. Bursting into the wedding like that just because he was to scared to come clean before???
And then telling a newlywed just coming back from her honeymoon he loved her???? Not very cool!!!!!!


I love this show so much, and the premier was amazing. I hope Cate & Ryan stay together. It will be interesting to see what happens with them. I already don't like Lux and the teacher story line. Not a fan! Can't wait for next week!


Am I the only one who thinks Eric looks exactly like an older Jones???


OMG! I love Life Unexpected! I think it is my new favorite show. Ok so the thing that stuck out to me most was this "Julia" character. My theory is that Ryan slept with her or had a relationship with her that Cate never new about, now whether it was while they were together or broken up, I can't say. I could tell when Cate asked Ryan who "Julia" was that something wasn't right. I mean if she were a friend of the family he wouldn't have hesitated or not looked her in the eye. Then she calls him, there was definitely something going on, and I don't think it's over for "Julia" anyway. Can't wait for next weeks episode. This season is going to be awesome, but we need to get more people into the show so we are guaranteed the numbers to get a season 3!


It was a pretty jam packed episode, but I liked it. I really liked Eric and Paige seems interesting. Kelly seems like she'll annoy me a lot, but I think that's the point of her character. Cate and Baze are still as amazing as ever. I'm okay with them moving on as long as it comes back to them at some point in the future. I don't mind watching Cate and Ryan or Baze and anyone else in the meantime. I'm not sure how I feel about Bug. I hate when he reverts back to being douchey and says stuff like what he said to Lux during the episode. Lux may not have been my favorite person this episode, but I hate how he treats her when he gets upset. Baze risking his life running into that burning building to save Lux was amazing. He's become such a great father. I was quite proud of him by the end of this episode. He really does seem to want to change and fix things and become a better person. The Baze/Lux scene towards the end of the episode was probably my favorite scene. It was incredibly sweet. I love their relationship.


I liked this episode - it set some major drama in motion.
I haaaate that Cate got fired, but I'm guessing that wasn't meant to be something anyone liked.
Really, who's Julia? Don't tell me Ryan's hiding something. I for one love Cate and Ryan and hope they don't break up any time soon.
Lux really gets on my nerves, Baze risks his life for her and her reaction at the hospital did not impress me at all. Though I do look forward to her relationship with Eric.
Paige is Ryan's sister - love it!
And how many times is Bug gonna leave?! I mean really. Just go for once.

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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bug: We know we want to be together forever.
Lux: Yes, yes! Of course!

We just got home, we're about to make margaritas.


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