The Mentalist Review: Was It Worth It?

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What does Patrick Jane see when he looks at Max Winters?  That is the question I had while watching “Red Carpet Treatment." 

The parallels are obvious.  Both men lost their wives to brutal madmen.  Maxs' wife’s murderer is now dead.  Max spent years planning the man’s death.  So, I loveed the end when Jane asks Max: “Was it worth it?” 

Jack Coleman on The Mentalist

Max said yes and I’m guessing that moment of confirmation will drive Jane through the rest of the season in his hunt for Red John.

Elsewhere, Jane has now moved a bedroll and pillow into the CBI attic.  I expect a coffee maker and a portable shower any time now.  Does the man ever go home?

Also, didanyone else love it when Jane described Lisbon as “the pocket rocket, dynamite, and cute as a button” on the talk show?  We don’t see him flirt with her very often and I thought it was quite endearing.

The push/pull between VanPelt and Rigsby is still there.  Her new FBI boyfriend showed up to take her to lunch via a FBI helicopter, much to Rigsby chagrin.  How do you compete with that?  This “can we just be friends” deal is going to be tough to pull off.  I never liked how they got these two together last season just to tear them apart.  I hope they find their way back to one another, but I’m sure it will take all season if it happens at all.

Can we please get more of Cho?  He is severely underused and gives the best deadpan lines on TV.  To wit:

Suspect: We weren't very good at art so we started distributing cocaine.
Cho: That's a natural transition. | permalink

Every episode has at least one scene I find completely ridiculous.  It was the “muzzle sweep” scene this time, as Jane brought Rigsby’s gun into the interrogation room and handed it to the suspects to observe how they handled it.  Would Rigsby really hand his weapon over to Jane, even if he did unload it?  It’s one of those silly/arrogant Patrick Jane moments where I just want to see Lisbon respond by smacking him upside the head.

What did you think of the episode?


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Thanks, Amanda, for clearing that up. I thought that might be the case but I also thought it was a bit vague and perhaps it was the other way as well. Great show, though. Always fun.


@Rebecca... actually that was not at all the impression they were trying to give. Jane was obsessed with how this man could be so at peace with his wife's killer. Jane was the one who convinced the DA not to press charges eventhough he denied that he did anything to help. The man gave him the gun because he saw that Jane wanted to go after the man who also killed his wife


In the first season, when you see Jane driving up to his house, with the ocean in the background, that is the house in Malibu where he would have sessions and where Angela and Charlotte were killed, thus the now empty house save for the mattress on the floor in the murder room. So yes, he does nooed somewhere to stay but perhaps he is impervious to all this, i.e. his hair is looking quite unwashed, and Baker must love not having to shave to come to work. I was hoping to see some R.J. action at the Malibu house, our guy could probably walk to work from his own place.


Well, Max did shoot they guy but he just didn't kill him. Jane has seemed so lost this season that I think Max telling him that revenge was worth it will just refuel his desire for it. I'll guess this won't be the last time we'll see that gun. I laugh everytime I see Jane in the CBI attic. It is becoming its own comedy skit. I'd think the leather sofa is more comfortable than that cot. I would hope Jane at least rents a place in Sacramento if student of trivia is right and his house is in Malibu. He's been working for CBI for 3 years now. I think he needs to find his own shower!


At the end when the husband of the dead woman gives Jane a gun, my impression was that he was the real killer of his wife. Did anyone else think that?


Again a few misfires. Jane calling lisbon the pocket rocket, that was the nickname give to Henri Richard of Canadian Hockey fame, he was a small man but quick and fiery on skates. I'm not crazy about the gun exchange thing either, but the candle trick is rarely identified and Cho knew about it. As to Jane permanently ensconced in that upper attic room, a bit phony but how would he go home, his house is in Malibu which is too far a commute from Sacramento especially in that old Citroen he drives. I was getting a crick in my neck seeing him always on that leather couch. I hope to hear more R.J. comments.

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