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On this week's episode of The Mentalist...

- Henry Dahl is found murdered in a motel room.  He was shot in the head eight to ten times.  Henry was recently released from prison.  He was convicted of raping and murdering Jenny Winters but was pardoned after a new DNA test exonerated him.

- Karen Cross, a reporter for Trial TV was the state prosecutor who convicted Dahl.  She paid Dahl to be on her talk show and believed he was guilty despite the pardon.

- Jane agrees to appear on Cross’ talk show.  He invites all of the suspects in Henry Dahl’s murder and gives them all candles.  He goes into his fake psychic routine and says that the guilty person’s candle will light on it’s own.  Jackson Winters’ candle suddenly begins burning.  (It’s a trick candle.)  He is Jenny Winters’ son. 

- Jackson’s father Max confesses to shooting Dahl.  His son didn’t do it but knows his Dad is guilty.  Max had tampered with the DNA evidence to have Dahl released so he could personally revenge his wife’s death.  But Dahl was already dead when Max shot him.

- Dahl had been e-mailing an old girlfriend, Betsy.  When Betsy’s husband Sean found out about the e-mails he confronted Dahl.  Dahl threatened to slit Betsy’s throat, the same way he killed Jenny.  Sean hit him in the head, killing him.

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yeah. they are agents for god sake!!!!
shouldn't their life be in danger??? at list 1 episode...
and I think jane's cool but it's a little wierd that he not only read minds but also he knows "Every Thing" and just every thing.
what if he is "red john" ????


I agree about the excitment. it's getting boring jane always solving the case. I sometimes think without CBI jane can solve all the cases!!!!


I rally don't know what simon thinks. changing the script the way you want may not be a good idea and Heller suports it? when the writer doesn't know where the show is going , that may not have good effects on fans. and bring more thrill to the show. come on it's about killers after all. and it would be so cool if Lisbon and Rigsby die inthe end.

The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tea? It's like a hug in a cup.


Jane: I programmed my dreams to work on the Red John case.
Lisbon: Oh, well then make sure you put in for overtime.