Family Guy Review: "Baby, You Knock Me Out"

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In the immortal words of South Park, "Simpsons did it!"  Although very different story lines and sports, last night's episode of Family Guy reminded us of last season's Simpsons episode, "The Great Wife Hope."

Lois the Boxer

I'm sorry, but when you have the wives of my two favorite Sunday night families step in fighting rings, I'm going to be reminded and possibly even be forced to draw comparisons.  We'll try and make Stan and Kyle proud and keep the Cartoon Wars to a minimum.

On Family Guy's "Baby, You Knock Me Out," Lois started off with a friendly foxy boxing match, but soon found herself in a Rocky-inspired plot line, complete with a short-but-mandatory training montage.  Her drive?  The things Peter has done to piss her off over the years, including a hilarious flapjack bit this week.

Much like the general theme of this short season so far, the episode focused primarily on only a single story line and featured fewer cutaway gags.  We're very proud of the show for maturing as it approaches its double digit seasons.

Despite only a few cutaway gags, the episode had plenty of in episode laughs, as evidenced by our Family Guy quotes from the episode, and even had a pretty solid heart-filled storyline.  What can we say, we were suckers for Peter finally realizing what a jack ass he's been to Lois for nine seasons and apologizing.  Dude so does not deserve her.

Oh and on the mature front, the episode didn't even feature any gross out gags.  Unless you count Peter drinking his own milk.  And I don't.  That's just funny.

Was anyone else impressed with the boxing scenes?  Maybe it was more the sound effects than the choreography, but we definitely felt and cringed at some of those foxy punches, including the one that broke Lois' signature sandwich nose.

Overall, outside maybe the season premiere, we thought it was one of the strongest episodes of the season.  What did you guys think?


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Family Guy has beaten this dead Rocky horse too many times to make this episode anything better than stale. Where is the originality? You can put dress up a turd any way you like but at the end of the day, it's still a turd.


Lol, family guy is pulling in millions of viewers each week. Funny or not, I can't see family guy ending anytime soon. Btw I think this season is hilarious


this episode was absolutely terrible i did not laugh not once and does anyone else sense an akward silence during the past episodes kinda like they know that not of their stupid gags are funny anymore yet they have to do it because the writers made them.idk all of it was just very akward to me and peter is so annoying in this episode hes so mean to his wife


Not a bad episode, but the main storyline was incredibly tame this week. It reminded me a lot of an episode where Lois starts to model, not sure why...


Cue the theme from another classic movie Jaws, as Family Guy has jumped the shark. Like most of the stuff we have seen the last 2-3 seasons, this episode was dull. Yay for family guy for not depending on cutaways in this episode, boo for giving us a 20 minute storyline without much humor.


This episode was stupid. It was such a knockoff of a great movie. Could not watch this without thinking how they killed the rocky movie... terrible


Unfortunately, I have to agree with Michael, this and last season have been rather disappointing. If it continues in this vein I am afraid this is the last season.


i like family guy and it make me laugh when i had a bad day so hope family guy soon.


with the way these season and last season is going I wonder if the show is coming to a end

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

No matter what you do the rest of your life, you'll always be garbage.


Peter: Man would you look at that? Two smoking hot repeatedly striking each other.
Quagmire: Yeah, it reminds me of Thanksgiving.
Peter: Why does it remind you of Thanksgiving?
Quagmire: 'Cause this is where I come for Thanksgiving.