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South Park Review: "Mysterion Rises"

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I knew it!  As I wished and hoped for in my review of last week's episode, Kenny is Mysterion!  Thank you everyone who hopped in the comments last week and helped with your guesses for the heroes' identities. 

So outside of the great Kenny reveal, what did we think about part two of The Coon trilogy, "Mysterion Rises?"  Filler.

Mysterion Rises Pic

As ridiculous as the notion that Parker and Stone are turning these Coon adventures in a trilogy a la imaginationland, we know they're fan fare and accept them for what they are.  As a the typical fan these episodes were designed for (and yes, I realize that makes me a terrible critic), I don't necessarily have a problem with them using up half the episodes of the second part of the season and turning off the satire machine.

My main issue?  This second episode just felt like filler.  The only major actions during the thirty minutes were Cartman befriended Cthulhu and Mysterion being revealed to be Kenny.  The episode could have advanced the plot more and left on more of a cliffhanger.

As a cartoon, at the end of the day, all we care about was how much the episode entertained us.  This week's installment still did that.  It may not have had amazing South Park quotes for us to end this review with, but we will leave you with some of our favorite jokes:

  • The spider that gave Hindsight his powers?  A retro-active spider.
  • The unbelievable song that Cartman sang while riding the Cthulhu home.
  • The comic book strips throughout the episode, especially Cartman's taking on fighting the girl enemy.
  • And a close second was the strip where Cartman and Cthulhu took on the hippies.
  • Cartman's parody of the LeBron commercials: "Should I admit I was wrong, ask for everyone's forgiveness and go back to my original team? Nah, screw that, I'm just gonna keep being a d**k."
  • Shoulda, Coulda, and Woulda.
  • "Do you know Mintberry Crunch? What's he like?"

And we'll end this review with Mysterion's amazing explanation to Hindsight about his super power, and really an explanation of Kenny's existence for the early seasons of the show:

Hindsight: what is your power?
Kenny (as Mysterion): I can't die. I've experienced death countless times. Sometimes, I see a bright light. Sometimes, I see Heaven or Hell. But eventually, no matter what, I wake up in my bed wearing my same old clothes. The worst part? No one even remembers me dying. I go to school the next day and everyone is just like "Oh, Hey Kenny," even if they had seen me get decapitated with their own eyes. You want to whine about curses, Hindsight? You're talking to the wrong f**king cowboy. | permalink


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ARE U KIDDING ME! every body keeps saying that this episode wasent funny i thought it was awesome. I mean not as many jokes as usal but i was a new change of suspense


As a long time die hard South Park fan, I can honestly say that this episode was horrible. I agree with anybody that stated it felt like a filler because it did, anything to do with Captain Hindsight was unnecessary and platonic. The whole Cthulu thing was also boring and shouldn't have gone further than BP oil releasing the creature which was initially funny but eventually ruined. Cartman's role in this episode as " The Coon" was surprisingly very dry and tasteless, which is upsetting to me after being so intrigued with the original Coon. The only part of this episode that was successfully done is of course the unveiling of Mysterion's true identity which turned out to be Kenny and gave an explanation to the countless deaths he's experienced over the last 14 years. Which i have to say was pretty cool, but other than that 2 thumbs down Matt and Trey. Pull it together guys you got one more season to go, i know you can make us all laugh again.


these last-few Southparks have not been funny at all. what the hell happened?


Tomfr38: You're a pretentious hack and you've wasted your life.


I found this episode hilarious. Not because of the jokes made. But literally because the revealing of mysterion was so stupid and lame. I'm pretty sure Matt and Trey did this on purpose. If you search back last week obviously everyone was like "Who's mysterion? Who could it be" and not expecting to be told or expecting to be told in an epic fashion where he is revealed in the end. For them to just reveal it by the guys just saying his name in the first 5 minutes is just another thing they have done to piss off the audience. Which is why South Park is great. Remember the whole who's Cartmans dad cliffhanger? Where the next episode was just all Terrance and Phillip? They have done the same thing here. I personally love that they just do the opposite of what people think. It's what makes South Park unique.


@Don: Very likely. But it still felt like they stretched the story over 3 episodes for no good reason. And I remember how fun it was to see Kenny die and inexplicably come back in the first seasons. Half the fun was in the not knowing and the coming half-assed convenient explanation reminds me of the episodes where they ripped on Lucas for Indy 4...some things are better let alone, like the whole Cartman's dad plot(even if this story was somewhat enjoyable). Here's to hoping this trilogy won't be South Park's Crystal Skull.


@Tom, I think we will get an explanation to Kenny's power. I'm pretty certain we will find out that Kenny was concieved in the Cthulhu cult party that his parents can't remember. That prbbaly has to do with his immortality. And, in order for Cthulhu to die, Kenny will have to die, for reals this time. Disregard the last sentence.


Also, I was very disappointed with the Kenny reveal. It kind of negated all the evidence found in the first episode with Mysterion. Plus, it felt pretty weak to just say he can't die without any well-thought explanation or even a good reason why they suddenly stopped killing him off in almost every episode.
The convenient attendance of old characters at the meeting (the science guys from the time machine episode or the guy who smokes pot with Randy) were obviously for fans but it still felt like a lazy way to do it. Overall, to my mind, this was one of the worst South Park episodes.


well ok let them fill but i hope next season they will be back with grate ideas . Alltought i wanted to see 2sc part of Buters episode where his dad trap him in basment and kill woman to feed him :D


I thought the whole Totoro parody with the Coon being cute with Cthulhu/Totoro and the final song were really boring and really felt like a filler, an afterthought even.