The Mentalist Review: "Red Hot"

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I never saw the end of “Red Hot” coming.  I really thought that Lisbon would continue to blow off Walter.  He may be rich, handsome, and charming, but as Lisbon pointed out, he is also egotistical, arrogant, and entitled.

I liked that Walter seemed really taken aback when he found the bullet hole on Lisbon’s shirt and the reality set in for him that someone could get hurt. I also enjoyed their flirty banter throughout the episode.  And, as much as the Jane/Lisbon fans may disagree with me, I'm glad that Lisbon and Walter ended up together. 

Billionaire Alert!

Lisbon deserves a little fun and Walter seems like the man to give that to her.  Do I think this is a long-term relationship?  Probably not.  But I also don’t think Jane is anywhere near ready for a relationship with anyone, even Lisbon.

That said, being Walter’s girlfriend may have its risks. “My girlfriends are all mad by the time we break up," he said.

Are they all knife-wielding wackos?  In this one episode, Lisbon was nearly blown up, nearly shot, and nearly stabbed.  Perhaps a one-night stand might be safer.

Jane was equally fun throughout the hour.  Walter and him are both charming, intelligent men and I like the way they play off one another.  Did anyone else chuckle when Jane dove behind the hedge when the bullets started flying?  Not that I blame him, but it just looked comical.

Glamping? Seriously?!?  Is this a real term?  According to Van Pelt, glamping means glamorous camping.  I’ll have to take her word for it.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode of The Mentalist and I think this season has been much better than the previous one so far. Agree? Disagree? Sound off now.


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Lisbon+Mashburn= HOT COUPLE. awesome episode. Hopefully he will be back. Best episode of the season for me. even better than the RJ stuff. We do need more devlopment of Lisbon's character for sure.


Wow, remember it's only season 3. Many drama shows with the crime/cop aspect easily last 6+ seasons, L&O twice that. There's plenty of time for them to 'date' or like SVU just stay partners.

Sue ann

Lisbon is not Jane's type. They do not have any apparent chemistry, and the woman he liked was nothing like Lisbon. Not all relationships have to be sexual. The one I would like to see more of is Cho. He had a lady friend and a place he lived in an earlier episode. Why are they not revisited? He is terrific at being the straight man, and the actor is very easy on the eyes, too.


One of the best episodes of season 3 if not the best so far. There was a lot of talk about this episode, more than I've ever seen about a RJ or any other. Says a lot. I'm a bit confused by some posts here: Why shouldn't Lisbon have a relationship with someone? tbrown17, you want her not to have something with Jane but also not with anyone else? Why not? Should she play the mother to Jane and continue having absolutely no private life whatsoever? I certainly don't want that. And for those who still think that there will never be something between Jane & Lisbon: The writers make the decision NOT the actors. And Bruno Heller has said often enough that there WILL be something happening just presumely on later seasons. This was a great episode with great acting and a great recurring character who had amazing chemistry with both leads.


The fling between Lisbon & Walter was so hoaky as to be incredulous. Please call it off before you sour the pudding. There is no need for any romantic connection for Lisbon relataive to Jane or anyone else. There is excellent chemistry between the two, eg. 'Bones' and trying to interject any kind of romance/fling is just not believeable or credible. Plus,there is no connection evident between Lisbon and Walter.


I agree that there is no need for Jane/Lisbon action. Theirs is cerebral and fun. Also there is too much clowning ie when Jane jumps over the hedge and then pokes his head out, like a marmot and the rolling over on the bed in that hugely ugly master bedroom. The thing with the wig was not necessary, we are not stupid and can count. I'm looking forward to the next episode since it promises a bit more seriousness and commitment to better scripts. I admit that bringing back Walter and the fling with Lisbon was a coup. Now leave Kristina in the nuthouse where she belongs and bring back the psychiatrist who apparently saved Jane's life after his ordeal or even the fake one whom he sent to prison.


why do people always expect the main characters to date? it's s-o boring. mashburn and lisbon make a hot interesting couple. lisbon and jane are better off as friends. their chemistry resembles that b/w a brother and sister. i really like mashburn. hope he'll become a regular.


I'm really hoping that Jane and Lisbon get drunk or something, have a one night stand and realise how much they really like each other...whilst mashburn is away...but when he comes back, she doesn't tell him or something...and then he sees them together or something...I don't know...I'm glad that Lisbon has someone - but I would really like it to be Jane...besides, whats the point in giving her someone - whos going away for 3 months?


and lisbon can't date jane because if they become a couple, red john will go after lisbon.. and that's bad!!


lisbon + mashburn = so freaking HOT!!

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane: I take this nap for freedom, Lisbon. For every little guy who has a dream.
Lisbon: Nap later. Now we fight crime.

You're very well groomed for a crazy person.