Glee Review: You're a Sweet One, Sue the Grinch

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You'd pretty much have to be a Grinch to dislike this week's episode of Glee.

And not any kind of camouflaged, Sue-like Grinch, either. But the true kind, the kind that detests anything remotely hopeful and happy related to this holiday.

Indeed, I was afraid the show would pour on the sap to an unbearable level on "A Very Glee Christmas." But it kept things both light and sweet throughout the hour, using the belief of Brittany to represent the child-like innocence we all strive for around this time of year.

Presenting a Present

It also used a handful of hilarious references and moments, my favorite being the requests each New Directions member made of Santa Claus. Among the best:

Lauren requesting the foxy Puckerman, and sweet potato fries; Tina inquiring about the whereabouts of Asian Santa; Mike asking for Channing Tatum to "stop being in stuff."

On the heels of a game-changing episode that shook up all relationships on the show, we didn't get a lot of follow-up, which is likely disappointing to many because this is the final new installment until Super Bowl Sunday.

But the Rachel/Finn scenes did ring true, at least, as it's easy to see why the latter is so hurt by Rachel's actions. Does he not have anything negative to say to Puck, however, who was also involved in the cheating with both Quinn and Rachel?

I also must comment again on the issue of bullying. Glee dedicated multiple episodes, and sent Kurt to a different group, all because he was threatened and insulted at school.

But the football players openly throw slushees at the singers, and a teacher threw a frickin shoe in their direction... and there are no repercussions? Feels like a double standard and a lack of consistent storytelling to me.

Still, it's almost Christmas. If Sue can get into the spirit, I can save my criticisms for another time. Overall, this was a fun, sentimental episode. Beiste gave a great speech as Santa, Becky was prominently involved in mischief and Will considered getting Sue a robot dog or a soul as a present. What else can one ask for?

One final question, though, before I turn this over to readers and ask for their take on "A Very Glee Christmas." Does the device Artie used at the end truly exist?


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I think Becky should have been brought in with the regular cast and the coach at the very end of the Christmas show to make her not just the funny but a respected part of the story. Having her mingle with the rest of the teenagers on the show includes her, showing the audience that while she has some differences she is still the same just like you do with the guy in the wheelchair.


Puck should get together with Quinn soon! I really miss them. :)


@Rehnaxia at least she admitted it to him of her own accord. Santana cruelly told her deliberately to hurt her, Finn NEVER tried to tell her the truth, he was outed and even then he wasn't apologetic for how it was handled by the rest of the club (or even himself, who had caused it!).
Rachel had a right to be angry. As much as she shouldn't have cheated with Puck, Finn has treated her appallingly this season. He didn't apologise (BEFORE she cheated) and didn't defend her when the whole Glee club (minus Puck, who has really gone up in my estimations throughout this situation, although he was still up for having a bit of a snog *lol*) humilated her and treated her like dirt (not one of the others treats her like a friend, and even though she can be judgemental and bossy she is ALWAYS the there for the others in their hour of need).
Finn is a douche, he's not innocent in the situation and he doesn't even have the decency to forgive her when she confessed and expressed remorse (which he STILL has yet to do regarding lying to her). She didn't need to tell him but she did, he should have told her the truth but he didn't (and probably wouldn't if Santana hadn't said anything), I know whose side I'm on (and it doesn't rhyme with bin!!).


OMFG!!! I'm so angry with Finn... and the easiest way for me to express it is it write this as though adressed to Finn. Dear Finn,
I think that you're being incredibly incensitive towards Rachel and the whole "Puck" thing. Don't you remember when you we're with Quinn and you we're kissing Rachel and shit! You never told her anything, did you? Maybe it's time to get over it, she told you at least! You had sex with your gf's worst enemy and she kissed you're best friend out of revenge. She has the right to be upset, and you should understand why she did it! Grr... you cheated too. You're not perfect Finn! Splinta


Rachel has no motive whatsoever to be angry. She also lied about sleeping with Jesse and what she did was way worst than what Finn did.


Yes, the machine that Artie uses at the end of the episode is real, very expensive and mostly experimental.

Saad khan

It was good and I think the Winners were Sue as Grinch & Becky ... I think Becky is so good that we most of the time don't even mention her .. I want to Applaud For Becky this Time.


I have to say I was quite disappointed with this weeks episode. The first half of season 2 of Glee has been very mediocre in comparison to season 1. There have been some good episodes, but there were NO continuing plot points which made for a very strange finale. There was no closure, no cliffhangers, no kisses, and THERE WASNT EVEN A FINAL NUMBER. I mean its the last episode for a month, come on! And Kurt and Blayne didn't get under the mistle toe and kiss? I would be more likely to be waiting desperately for Febuary 6th if that happened!
Idk...I feel like Glee needs to make some new plots. Yes, we not Will likes Emma, we know Sue is mean, we know that Rachel and Finn love each other but have issues...make another plot! And I think they should do more on don't just give a baby up for adoption and then go back to normal! Wasn't she think this episode about her baby girls first Christmas?
Come on Glee! Get it together!


something tells me that beiste is arties mum. like who will spend so much money on that machine. + we haven't seen all the families yet so who knows.


It boggles my mind that so many people are on Rachel's side. She cheated on the guy out of spite! That's just mean and vindictive and she does not deserve to be forgiven, at least not now. People keep bringing up how Finn cheated on Quinn and blah blah blah. First off, he just kissed Rachel whereas her plan was to sleep with Puck. Big difference. Also, while I don't condone his making out with Rachel while dating Quinn, he did it because he was attracted to both whereas Rachel wanted revenge. You cannot compare the two situations. Finn's not a saint, and he shouldn't have kept his tryst with Santana a secret after Rachel came clean, but he has every right to be mad at her for what she did to him. If someone can't see that, then I feel sorry for their significant others and hope they don't piss them off.

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