A Very Glee Christmas: Round Table Discussion

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From a Grinch to a reindog to a belief in Santa Claus, the final Glee episode of 2010 gave us a sweet look at the holidays... William McKinley style!

It also gave us some solid songs, funny quotes and interesting questions to ponder. That's exactly what we do in the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table:

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I just adore Sue. Even when she's being nice, she can't help but throw in a line such as: "I thought you might wanna put all of out of our misery and shave off that Chia Pet."

Steve M.: This may have been my favorite Sue diss of all-time, aimed in the direction of Emma: "You're a regular Agatha Christie. Except even more sexless."

Eric H.: Pretty much everything that was requested of Santa, from chapstick for Sam to less Channing Tatum for Mike.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: The Finnchel duet of "Last Christmas." It was well-sung and fit the (sad) storyline between this pair.

Steve M.: Blaine pretty much has my heart at this point. He and Kurt's take on "Baby It's Cold Outside" made me want to stay inside for hours and just listen to this classic single.

Eric H.: I've always been a ballad man, so gotta go with Rachel's beautiful rendition of "Merry Christmas Darling."

Are you on Team Finn, Team Rachel or neither?
Matt R.: Neither. I don't feel a need to choose a side just because a couple has split. Finn lied about sex with Santana. Rachel cheated on Finn. Both these facts simply make it clear: these two shouldn't be together.

Steve M.: Team Finn! He said it best himself last night: both of his two serious girlfriends have cheated on him. That's scarring stuff that not even the nicest Christmas tree can fix.

Eric H.: Team I Just Want Them Back Together Again! Both sides definitely messed up, let's face it. But obstacles can often bring a couple closer and the show is simply more fun to watch when Finn and Rachel are together, don't you agree?

What are your hopes for the second half of the season?
Matt R.: Less Kurt. I love Chris Colfer in this role and think it's refreshing for a show to feature an openly gay student in such a manner. But storylines tend to get tiled in his direction - bullying causes him to transfer, yet the school doesn't react when a teacher throws a shoe at students?!? - and it's grown a little tiresome.

Steve M.: A new love interest for Will. Seriously, why not call up Holly Holiday, dude? Emma has moved on (to the never-seen Carl). It's time for you to do the same.

Eric H.: More action from the Cheerios, more of Artie and Brittany, fewer lectures from Will and, oh yeah, utter New Directions domination at Nationals!

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Rachel && Finn are cute together , true , but so much back and forth her loving someone else him having sex with someone else it's just annoying . But I hope it goes over well and that they actually end up together in the end . I don't care what these people say EMMA + Will = MFEO !! Come on dude ! It's clear that even though she's with the dentist she still has a desire to be with Will . Though Will was testing out the waters a few times after his seperation with Teri I think he knows what he wants and should get back with Emma , if only he can prove to her that it's her he loves . Smh . :/


I was in favour of Finn-Rachel coupling, but her trying really hard to make things right in last two episodes, made me kind of disliking Finn for turning her down so many times.. Considering she's been trying harder all along when they were still together..I hope she gets a new love interest!


Finn and Rachel together or not together has gotten old and boring. I'm all for Puckleberry, but a kinder, gentler Puck who will love Rachel and not exploit her. It's time to rehabilitate Puck. Same for Santana. I think Puck, Santana, Tina and Mike are all getting short-shrifted when it comes to scripting dramatic episodes for them. I'm sure they have back-stories and family issues that are just as timely and relevant as Furt. Let's hear it for spreading out the story lines.


it's unrealistic and unfair to replace the only black guy in the club (who only had one spoken line in 22 episodes) with Surfer Boy. I'm white, btw, and Jewish, so I don't feel personally under-represented at all. But what is definitely lacking on the show is a strong black male who can really rap, really sing and really dance. Mix it up a little and bring a black teacher on the show! Living in Lima, Ohio, I'm sure he would be more of an outcast as either a teacher or a student than cutesy pie Sam. Sam is a huge mistake. He would have been "the cutest guy in the school," where I went, not an underdog or outcast. He doesn't even sing or act very well; he belongs on the Disney Channel It's actually quite embarrassing every time Mr. Shu or the other guys try to do rap, or hip hop. I don't even like rap or hip hop, but as the mother of 5 teenagers and young adults, I know what kids are up to these days. And it's not old white guys trying to rap. So how about it, a strong, handsome black teacher, with a lot to say, who can sing, dance, and rap?


Chris Colfer has been able to use his own personal experiences and Ryan Murphy has helped incorporate them into this whole bullying issue...I would love to see them tackle the issue of homelessness by having a homeless high school drop out show up and get back into school via the glee club, paralleling some of Cory's experiences...just a tho't


Quinn and Puck will not get back together. Quinn is still wanting to forget all about the baby she had last year and she can't pretend things are back to normal when she is with Puck. They are parents of a daughter together and after her really heavy year last year she doesn't wnat to deal with that.... How do you know for sure that they won't get back together? I think that there is still hope for the second half of season 2. Puck will probably get jealous of Sam dating Quinn and mabye he will fight for her :) Face it, Puck and Quinn belong together just like Rachel and Finn


I want Finn and Rachel back together! But I love it when they are somewhat playing with each other! :)
Finn said he can't be someone who cheated on him, but he cheated on Quinn with Rachel on the second episode of season 1!! Rachel only made out with Puck, it's not like she actually slept with him.
I can tell by the way she looks at Finn that she truly loves him and she only kissed Puck because Finn lied to her!!


Quinn and Puck will not get back together. Quinn is still wanting to forget all about the baby she had last year and she can't pretend things are back to normal when she is with Puck. They are parents of a daughter together and after her really heavy year last year she doesn't wnat to deal with that....am I the only one who is struggling more and more with the whole Dalton Academy mindset. Kurt decided he was too much a free spirit to not be "real" in front of Karofsky so he pushes his buttons more and more at McKinley, not deliberately of course but beczuse that is who he is! As a result bullying turns into sexual assault and he leaves the school...Isn't a pseudo military private school where everyone dresses the same walks the same talks the same depriving Kurt of the same free spirit he so boldly gained at McKinley? Kurt is safe at Dalton, but ultra conformity is its own form of bullying, in some ways the mindset of the rest of the Warblers is closer to Karofsky than one would think possible. Remove people'
s abilities to rock the boat and you never have to deal with the results of their rocking the boat in an unacceptible manner, but isn't removing people's ability to rock the boat a form of bullying? Karofsky and Dalton Academy both demanded Kurt give up his personhood to survive, Dalton is just a kinder gentler form of the same crap. The show is getting into some really heavy stuff, hope the writers have the guts to do justice to the issues.




Quinn and Puck need to get back together! Why did they forget about them?! I really hope that Puck will be jelaous of Sam and Quinn and mabye fight for Quinns love in the second half of the season. Btw when does Glee come back in January? :)

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