Glee Review: You're a Sweet One, Sue the Grinch

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You'd pretty much have to be a Grinch to dislike this week's episode of Glee.

And not any kind of camouflaged, Sue-like Grinch, either. But the true kind, the kind that detests anything remotely hopeful and happy related to this holiday.

Indeed, I was afraid the show would pour on the sap to an unbearable level on "A Very Glee Christmas." But it kept things both light and sweet throughout the hour, using the belief of Brittany to represent the child-like innocence we all strive for around this time of year.

Presenting a Present

It also used a handful of hilarious references and moments, my favorite being the requests each New Directions member made of Santa Claus. Among the best:

Lauren requesting the foxy Puckerman, and sweet potato fries; Tina inquiring about the whereabouts of Asian Santa; Mike asking for Channing Tatum to "stop being in stuff."

On the heels of a game-changing episode that shook up all relationships on the show, we didn't get a lot of follow-up, which is likely disappointing to many because this is the final new installment until
Super Bowl Sunday.

But the Rachel/Finn scenes did ring true, at least, as it's easy to see why the latter is so hurt by Rachel's actions. Does he not have anything negative to say to Puck, however, who was also involved in the cheating with both Quinn and Rachel?

I also must comment again on the issue of bullying. Glee dedicated multiple episodes, and sent Kurt to a different group, all because he was threatened and insulted at school.

But the football players openly throw slushees at the singers, and a teacher threw a frickin shoe in their direction... and there are no repercussions? Feels like a double standard and a lack of consistent storytelling to me.

Still, it's almost Christmas. If Sue can get into the spirit, I can save my criticisms for another time. Overall, this was a fun, sentimental episode. Beiste gave a great speech as Santa, Becky was prominently involved in mischief and Will considered getting Sue a robot dog or a soul as a present. What else can one ask for?

One final question, though, before I turn this over to readers and ask for their take on "A Very Glee Christmas." Does the device Artie used at the end truly exist?


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Okay, a few things I'd like to get off my chest. Finn seriously ANNOYED the hell out of me this episode. He needs to get off his high-hypocritical horse and stop making Rachel feel like crap for something he HIMSELF DID while he was with Quinn. IMO he has no right to be mad at her and him feeling terrible about what Rachel did to him is just pay back for what he did to Quinn. KARMA IS A BITCH!! I'm NOT at all praising what Rachel did or that cheating is good. Just saying Finn has no right to judge. Another thing that got a bit annoying was Brittany. Now, I love how her character is child-like in thought. But seriously, the whole Santa thing was taking it a bit too far and completely unrealistic. I mean isn't she like 16 or something? What 16 year old gets around, a bisexual but still believes in magic? I found that a little hard to believe. Maybe it's just me. Apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Everyone was actually NICE. The songs were great. Loved Rachel's song and Finchel's and Blurt's duets. Love Blaine & Kurt together. Just all sorts of CUTENESS!!! I am loving Coach Beaste every episode. She almost made me cry towards the end when she was watching the Glee club's amazement at Artie walking from afar. And lastly, THANK GOD SUE IS BACK! It felt like she was gone forever! She totally ROCKED this episode once again. Could not stop laughing when she dressed up as the Grinch and stole all the presents. She's such a CRACK UP! Writers NEVER LEAVE HER OUT AGAIN PLEASE!!!


what pissed me off is that each time they have a 'special' episode they forget some key points. like.... RACHEL AND PUCK ARE JEWISH. they wouldn't put THAT much effort into the glee clubs Christmas. the Noah Puckerman i know and love would be bragging about his Hanukkah instead. smh -.-


I'm disappointed that Finn and Rachel did not fix things before the long break of episodes. Maybe that was the writers way of making sure people come back to watch it next year, but I have to say, I only watch the show for Rachel and I love seeing Rachel and Finn together. So my favorite episodes are when they are happily together. I would have enjoyed this episode much more if they were together for the holidays.


Cheesy treacly nonsense....That's the ball game. I'm done with this show. Man, I liked the first season. Okay, the chick is a bubblehead, but to pretend it's possible for a crippled kid to walk...make Beiste buy an expensive piece of equipment to allow a kid to believe in Santa Claus? Said chick being a sexually active, bisexual, semi adult? What is this show now? It used to be a quasi real comedy musical show where the lockers opened without you having to undo the locks...Now it's high cheese with some eps being "One To Grow On" shows, and others being just retarded. Finn worshipped a sandwich earlier this year. What happened to American viewership where everything's gotta be this overly dramatic relationship crap?


I think Finn was not as upset as Puck because it's been a long time since the thing with Quinn and he's forgiven both of them (if not completely moved on) and Puck was the one who said no this time. Because of what he did to Finn before. So there really isn't as much reason to be angry at Puck as there is at Rachel.
I thought they had just enough of Kurt in this one. A little bit of light, happy singing between him and Blaine made me squee. Although I have to admit I do hate that the show still doesn't get that nothing like what they do at that school would probably EVER happen. If a teacher throws a shoe at students, they'd probably be FIRED!!
However, the episode did make me smile and it was nice to see all of the kids working together mostly happily again.
But I was just wondering, why weren't Rachel and Puck asking for Hanukkah stuff? I mean there were so many references to Christmas and stuff, but no one even MENTIONED the other winter holidays that are celebrated, especially since there are two known Jews in the club! Oh, well...


Finn is a total douche, complete hypocrite and I'm getting so sick of hearing how 'messed up he is', how is lying to Rachel and not defending her honour (on numerous occasions) any better than her kissing Puck BECAUSE he humilatiated her and let everyone else do the same?


The device Artie used does exist, it was invented in Israel

Van ayson

i love beiste and sue! principal figgins dead skin was missing!


JUst completely blown away by the whole Artie thing...does that actually exist? Rachel and Finn was annoying, because I like them together, but Finn has fair reasons. Beiste was awesome as was Sue. Needed more Sam/Quinn though.


I think there is one big difference between the bullying of kurt and the bullying of rachel..
Kurt is being bullied because of who he is,
Rachels is being bullied because of what she does.. I agree that it´s not fair, but understandable. It's reasonable to ask Rachel to be nice, it's not reasonable to ask Kurt to be straight. To cut all the bullying out wouldn't work because the show is about underdogs and underdogs get bullied, in Kurt's case it was just for more reasons than just glee, it was for who he was..

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