Glee Review: You're a Sweet One, Sue the Grinch

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You'd pretty much have to be a Grinch to dislike this week's episode of Glee.

And not any kind of camouflaged, Sue-like Grinch, either. But the true kind, the kind that detests anything remotely hopeful and happy related to this holiday.

Indeed, I was afraid the show would pour on the sap to an unbearable level on "A Very Glee Christmas." But it kept things both light and sweet throughout the hour, using the belief of Brittany to represent the child-like innocence we all strive for around this time of year.

Presenting a Present

It also used a handful of hilarious references and moments, my favorite being the requests each New Directions member made of Santa Claus. Among the best:

Lauren requesting the foxy Puckerman, and sweet potato fries; Tina inquiring about the whereabouts of Asian Santa; Mike asking for Channing Tatum to "stop being in stuff."

On the heels of a game-changing episode that shook up all relationships on the show, we didn't get a lot of follow-up, which is likely disappointing to many because this is the final new installment until
Super Bowl Sunday.

But the Rachel/Finn scenes did ring true, at least, as it's easy to see why the latter is so hurt by Rachel's actions. Does he not have anything negative to say to Puck, however, who was also involved in the cheating with both Quinn and Rachel?

I also must comment again on the issue of bullying. Glee dedicated multiple episodes, and sent Kurt to a different group, all because he was threatened and insulted at school.

But the football players openly throw slushees at the singers, and a teacher threw a frickin shoe in their direction... and there are no repercussions? Feels like a double standard and a lack of consistent storytelling to me.

Still, it's almost Christmas. If Sue can get into the spirit, I can save my criticisms for another time. Overall, this was a fun, sentimental episode. Beiste gave a great speech as Santa, Becky was prominently involved in mischief and Will considered getting Sue a robot dog or a soul as a present. What else can one ask for?

One final question, though, before I turn this over to readers and ask for their take on "A Very Glee Christmas." Does the device Artie used at the end truly exist?


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As an aside, Coach Beiste must have quite the bank account. Although the ReWalk will not be available until next year, it is expect to cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.

Whipped by damon

@Bre, I agree on everything u just said, although I think Rachel's neediness has always been around! I don't think she'd have cheated on Finn! But hopefully Finchel will be back on track soon!

Whipped by damon

It was a sweet episode...even though my beloved Finchel are still on rocks! Too bad it's now more than a month until Super bowl Sunday!


Does any one else even realize finn cheated on Quinn twice? WITH RACHEL!?! The show started off with Rachel being this extremely giving person who poured her heart into loving finn and music only to be crushed time and time again without anyone ever sticking up for her or taking her side. And then she suddenly turned into a completely needy person who cheated on the one person who she would never cheat on- she broke up with Puck just because she had a crush on Finn for god's sake. And Rachel's stardom came from an innocent place- that was her childhood dream; her passion- that was what she loved the one area she excelled in- it wasn't about being a whiner or anything the show portrays her as now. I hated this week's episode because Finchel has taken a train wreck off the deep end. The writer's a[parently hate rachel because she's been bullied just as bad as Kurt; Mr. Schue doesn't come close to supporting her.

Matt richenthal

@katie: is he asking for "complete rights on annoyance?" He simply expressed his feelings based on Rachel's actions and then her attempts to get back together.
She could go ahead and be mad at him for lying about Santana, but that wouldn't change how he feels. It would just give the pair another reason to not be together.


I thought it was one of the better episodes that Glee has had in a while. I liked the innocence that it had but it still didn't lose its identity of being Glee. Great way to end the year indeed!


i really don't think finn has complete rights on annoyance. he wasn't exactly a saint throughout this whole thing. i mean, he started the whole thing

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